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Diary of a Workout Wardrobe #4: Victoria Marr & Flik Swan

posted on Wednesday, 26th February 2014 | find under Tamara, Fashion , Fitness, Nutrition
Ex-professional dancers Victoria Marr and Flik Swan are the founders of Sleek Technique, a ballet-based workout method delivered via live, interactive classes online at SleekTechnique.com. Also the founders of current GF4F campaign Ballet Bootcamp, this graceful duo are the perfect pair to share this week's diary of a workout wardrobe...

Day: Monday
Workout: Ballet Body class
Where: Sleek Technique virtual studio

Victoria: "The beginning of the week is always busy with everyone wanting to work out the kinks from the weekend, so Flik and I spend every Monday leading virtual workouts. Today, we are teaching our Ballet Body class live from the Sleek virtual studio, with women joining in from all over the world. The 45-minute class includes barre work, centre and mat exercises to sculpt the body. On this dreary Monday morning, I felt I needed colour in my clothing so I opted for the vivid Virasana Yoga Bra, teamed with the sweat-wicking Bikram Yoga Shorts."

Day: Tuesday
Workout: Guest teaching Ballet Bootcamp
Where: Sweaty Betty, Kings Road

Flik: "Teaching guest instructor spots together are where Victoria and I have the most fun. They are a bit like a performance. In order to be totally relaxed in a room full of fit and eager women, you need to feel confident and comfortable in your chosen workout gear, which is why I love the Eleve Dance Leotard - because it allows me to move freely and fits well to my body. I often pair it with the Chaines Leg Warmers as they make me feel so balletic. As for Victoria, she chose the Halasana Bra. She says, "The fit is great, I love the colour pops and it is nicely supportive. Plus it goes perfectly with the Adagio Leggings!"

Day: Wednesday
Workout: Developing new fitness classes
Where: Sleek Technique virtual studio & Sweaty Betty studio at the Support Office

Victoria: "Creating the Ballet Bootcamp workout for the Sweaty Betty GF4F campaign was a great collaborative process, which saw us regularly popping in and out of SB support office to get the class just right before it hit the stores. Even now, we often spend time working on new material and are in and out of the studio. When working out, I think it's really important to be comfortable and unrestricted, hence my choice of the Entre Seamless Dance Cami for today's training. I paired this with my personal favourites, the Adagio Leggings, which give my legs a great shape. I will often throw a pair of boots over the top when running between the studio and Sleek office. Flik adds, "We are pretty relaxed in terms of style on these creative days, as it is all about putting our new ideas into practice. For example, today I wore the Dynamic Leggings with the cool, loose fitting Camden Vest."

Day: Thursday
Workout: Cardio Ballet Blast & Ballet Bootcamp class
Where: Sleek Technique virtual studio & Sweaty Betty boutique

Victoria: "At some point during the week, I like to add in a bit of cardio to my schedule. Leading a morning Cardio Ballet Blast class in the Sleek virtual studio does the trick! Today, I also teach Ballet Bootcamp in my local Sweaty Betty boutique, as part of Get Fit 4 Free. I always wear the 'Push It' vest for this class as it is so comfortable, looks great and was designed exclusively for the campaign. I paired it with the bright and colourful Chandrasana Leggings and layered my Virasana Yoga Bra underneath the vest."

Day: Friday
Workout: Pure Stretch class
Where: Sleek Technique virtual studio

Flik: "Towards the end of the week, we like to teach the Pure Stretch class from our virtual studio, as it's great for relieving any aches from the past week's workouts and leaves me feeling so supple. While Victoria opts for the reversible Supta Leggings and flattering Dharana Tee in a beautiful shade of purple, I choose an all-black ensemble of the Trikonasana Bra and the seamless All Sport Shorts."

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