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Conquer your run

posted on Monday, 9th July 2012 | find under Fitness

Kings Road Boutique Local Ambassador and Personal Trainer, Lizzie Rizzo, shares her top 10 tips for conquering your run this summer.

1) Push yourself 
If you always run along at the same pace you are not training your body to be fitter or stronger so it just plateau's. A good way to mix things up is to try Fartlek training. This means running for short sprints in between your long runs. I.e jog at your usual pace, then focus on a landmark in the distance and sprint towards it, then continue your usual jogging pace.  
2) Keep on moving
Essentially, running is the most natural form of high impact exercise we can do. It's just walking at a faster pace. Many of us fatigue because we start too fast. Slow the run down to ensure you conserve your energy and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Whatever your goal is, to achieve it you need to keep on moving.
3) Cross train
To be a better runner you need to condition your muscles. It's important that you use resistance and you mix up your training to avoid injury. Try bike riding or an x-trainer in the gym which is the same movement without the impact. Swimming's great also. 
4) Change of scenery
A road or footpath is never completely even so running the same route over a long period of time could have serious effects on your posture, hips, ankles and joints. Change the direction of your run and route to avoid injury and enjoy the new sights.

5) Run outside 
Running indoors is good  but you just can't beat the great outdoors.  Fresh air allows you to take in more oxygen for the body, using your lungs to their full capacity. Also with cars, trains, busses and working in an office all day, you forget how much our body craves nature and how it relaxes the mind. 
6) Run with a friend
Nothing pushes you more than sharing your motivation with a friend. Exercising with a friend will get you out of bed when you're having the 'I can't be bothered day' and the catch up chat whilst running involves great breath control! 
7) Wear the correct shoes

If you have pain in your knee, back, hips or shins it could all be down to the shoes your training in. Make sure you get fitted in a correct running shoe that supports your foot to reduce the impact on your joints when your foot hits the ground.
8) Keep track
Keep a record or log book of what distance your covering and try to gradually increase it. Whether it's 100m to 1km at a time, work within your own limits, not anybody else's. 
9) Eat right 
Your body needs fuel to function. If you increase the amount you are exercising you need to make sure you are eating the right foods to support your activity, otherwise you open yourself up to fatigue, poor performance and injury. Make sure you are eating enough good carbs for energy (vegetables, fruits and seeds) and lean protein (like white meat and fish) for muscle repair. 
10) Listen to your body
Just as much as exercise is good for you, so is taking rest days. If you are training hard everyday, your body will eventually burn out. Your muscles need to repair and when you ignore the signs and overtrain you increase your chance of a whole list of injuries and fatigue. Remember peak performance and results comes from a balanced body and mind.  
....and finally, HAVE FUN. Exercise is sometimes hard but it should always be fun and enjoyable. After-all its all about you, "you only get one body, look after it and it will last you a lifetime"

For more information on Lizzie please visit lizzierizzopersonaltraining.com or contact her on 07590 533 290.

Great Advice
By Karl - 13th July 2012
Love this advice blog, has really inspired me to get back in to exercising. Thanks Lizzie
Running With Bad Knees
By Lizzie Rizzo - 12th July 2012
Hi Bells, Knee problems are common when running and this sounds like runners-knee. This is an umbrella term that could be pain originating from the hip, ankle, how your foot is hitting the floor or lack of muscle/strength in the knee area. I suggest you start doing basic conditioning exercises to strengthen your legs, check the support in your footwear and think about seeing a chiropractor/kinesiologist about your skeletal alignment. You could also get someone to check your running technique. Kindest regards Lizzie
Running With Bad Knees
By Anonymous - 11th July 2012
Hi there, a few months ago I went on a 3.5 miler and that night my knees really hurt. It became progressively worse and now, even if they don't hurt, as soon as I do even ten minutes on the running machine they flare up again. Occasionally they even swell up. I saw a physio but she was no good and unable to diagnose what the problem was. I'm desperate to carry on running, even if they are short ones, so do you have any advice or words of wisdom? Thanks in advance, Bells
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