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Cambridge conquers Hadrian's Wall

posted on Tuesday, 7th June 2011 | find under 
Cambridge SB Manager Kimberly, shares her amazing experience of conquering all 84 miles of Hadrian's Wall Walk and if you are inspired to follow her footsteps there is lots of practical tips and advice.

I walked Hadrian's Wall in 4 days (84 miles) with my friend, Jane. The training we put in was worth it as it definitely wasn't easy.

It rained for the first 1 1/2 days that we were walking but with the correct gear, I stayed dry. It was such a beautiful walk and the terrain was challenging (especially compared to East Anglia). It was something I have really enjoyed doing and would recommend it to other walkers. 

I would recommend stretching the walk out to 5 days or more if you are not a long distance walker. Also going from West to East was better as the wind was on our back. Many of the forts and other attractions are managed by English Heritage so it’s worth bringing your card. If you can't commit to the full distance, Carlisle to Newcastle is manageable and you will see most of the wall here. My pack wasn't too heavy which was nice as we carried our own packs with us.

Here is what I brought with me and why I liked it:
  • Exhilaration Merino Jacket- Loved this as it was nice to wear at night when we went out to eat and to have another layer on when it was really cold and windy. It also could be worn every day due to the antibacterial properties.
  • All Weather Jacket-It was so windy and was raining very hard the first 1 1/2 days that the All weather jacket was perfect, I was warm and dry and got a lot of compliments on this jacket.
  • Protector Jacket- very light to carry and nice alternative when it wasn't raining so hard and thin enough so when it kept switching back from rain to sun, I didn't have to keep stopping to remove and replace layers.
  • Glisten Long Sleeve top- great additional layer that could be worn every day due to the antibacterial properties.
  • All sports shorts and bras- packed well and sweat wicking.
  • Adrenaline Capris- nice for the day that the sun started to come out and reflective strips was great at the end of the day when we were just getting to our destination.
  • 10k tights- great due to their quick drying properties, I never felt wet from the rain and were great so they didn't get dirty from stepping in puddles. Could be rinsed and would be dry by the next morning.
  • Move It Cami, Cardio Cami, Sweat It Over vest- sweat wicking (you need this when you are carrying a heavy pack), pack great and layer up.
  • Shakedown short- great for the last day as there was sunshine! Great length and could be adjusted.
  • Blister proof socks- no blisters after 84 miles and 4 days!
  • Garudasana catsuit- great alternative to pjs. They took up less space, were so comfortable and packed well.
  • High summer visor- great for keeping the rain and sun out of my face. The Velcro was great because it hooked easily on my pack when I wasn't using it.
  • Run bum bag- great for holding my camera, phone, SB water bottle and map! I had everything within reach.

Trying to think of the next challenge but The Pennine Way seems a bit too far at the moment.


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