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Be a Wild Thing: 7 ways to escape the establishment

posted on Tuesday, 6th October 2015 | find under Fitness
So far this Autumn Winter 2015 season, we’ve looked at how the tomboy has influenced the collection and how women are rising to the top in traditionally male-dominated sports. Of course, breaking the mould takes gusto, resilience and an underlying spirit of rebellion. To help you undertake your own revolution, we’ve outlined seven ways to embrace your inner Wild Thing. Whether it’s by working out, dressing up or shaking up your mindset, it’s time to shake off the shackles of society and escape the establishment. 

Run the rooftops 

No longer the reserve of action heroes, free running is a liberating way to run, jump and flip your way through an urban obstacle course. Your mission? Get between two points as efficiently as possible. If jumping from building to building feels a little risky, Parkour Generations in London offers a variety of indoor and outdoor classes for a safe way to conquer the concrete jungle. 

Mix up your workout wardrobe  

Who says you can’t mix your yoga pieces with your run essentials? Check out Tamara’s Wild Thing Edit for an example of how to mix up Sweaty Betty ranges for a daredevil look that says ‘I can’t be tamed’. As an added plus, it works just as well on the yoga mat, the running trails and for everyday wear. 

Join the circus 

You don’t have to run away from all responsibility in order to join the circus. New global studios and pop-ups encourage you to let loose and learn a new skill that helps you stand apart. Channel the spirit of Cirque de Soleil in London’s Gorilla Circus, take up juggling on a unicycle at Aerial Arts NYC and enroll in a new school of thought at LA’s Cirque School

Tattoo your clothes 

If a permanent tattoo isn’t your thing, make like Team SB and update your body art frequently with new season prints. Designed for standout style on the mat or the spin bike, Sweaty Betty’s printed leggings are bold, graphic and available for a limited time only. This season you’re certain to beat your personal best in the oil slick Splits Run Leggings, master a new asana in the reversible Chandrasana Yoga Leggings, and look plain cool in the playful emoji printed Ditsy Luxe Leggings (all leggings picture from left to right). 

Find your Yin 

Explore the yin side of yoga with a stress-releasing practice designed to reduce tension and escape the pressures of modern life. A number of yoga classes are now designed to trigger emotional release through flowing movement and verbalisations. A favourite in NYC, Lisa L Kirchner’s Yoga For Getting Over It uses the practice as a tool to lighten the load. If freedom of movement inspires you, expect a giant endorphin release with gravity-defying Aerial Yoga in London and AIR Fitness in LA.   

Adventure after dark 

There are few greater and simpler ways to escape than to lace up your trainers and pick up the pace. Going for a run after dark is especially cathartic, as familiar territory transforms by the bright lights of the city. This season, Sweaty Betty’s running essentials are equally metamorphic, with standout styles like the Glow Run Gilet and Cadence Run Jacket lighting up at night with reflective styling that’s as bold in the dark as it is in daylight (pictured from left to right). 

Get some street cred 

All penned up at home or in an office? Become a diva in an instant and book into one of the dance cardio workouts taking over boutique fitness studios. From Frame London’s J.Lo vs Janet Jackson showdowns to Tracey Anderson’s MTV style workouts in LA, you’ll learn a few new moves and shake off some stress in the process. Sweaty Betty’s own Body By Simone workout is also available at the click of a mouse, and has received rave reviews around the world for its unbeatable feel-good factor. 

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