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Barefoot Ted - Born to Run

posted on Monday, 2nd July 2012 | find under 

Back in June, Barefoot Ted, barefoot running legend and star of the best selling book, Born to run, hosted a Guest Instructor evening at the Kings Road 125 boutique. Here are the highlights;

Why did you choose barefoot running?
It’s simple, the more I examined the history of my species, homo sapiens, I realised that barefoot running is the optimum way of moving for people like me.

Where is your favourite place to run?
I’ve designed my life really nicely, my commute is about one mile and it takes me up a hill and down to my office, through the most beautiful park in Seattle. That’s my favourite place to run, my commute, I don’t think many people get the opportunity to say that!

What are the most common misconceptions about barefoot running?
A lot of people assume you can just take off your shoes and start running and everything’s going to be perfectly fine. That needs re-examining. Barefoot running is not a miracle cure but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

What is your personal best?
That I have found a way of movement that is brings me happiness and health in a way that no other way of moving has done before.

What is your next big challenge?
I’m going to Turkey in September to take part in a six day event where we’re going to run along the Lycian Way, through the ancient civilisation of Lycia – adios.

What is your favourite time of day to run?
I love to run when the sun is shining in Seattle I feel like a surfer waiting on the beach for good waves to come. There’s not sunshine all time and when it comes out I’m out the door.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I go to a Russian spa almost every night in Seattle and just being able to hang out with a bunch of barely clothed people just chatting about life is my guilty pleasure.

What are your tips for health and happiness?
Reconnect with the ancient technologies of your body, get to understand your body as well as you can - feed it right, let it move well, flow and find balance in everything you do. If you do these things I’m pretty sure, just like me you’ll become happy too.

What is your favourite thing about the UK?
In the last three years I’ve been coming over to the UK I’ve been staying a little b&b in Surrey and I love it. The countryside and beautiful architecture are heavenly, especially when the sun comes out.
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