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An Evening of Dance with Lilia Kopylova

posted on Thursday, 28th October 2010 | find under 
Our latest guest instructor evening with Lilia Kopylova.

125 Kings Road was full this past Tuesday night. Lilia Kopylova, of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ fame hosted an evening of dance for those that were lucky enough to get a spot in her coveted class. The participants of the class were eager to both meet and learn from the pro but before they took to the floor to be taught a few moves Lilia took the time to introduce herself and let the participants know of her rise to dancing fame. After questions were taken the girls took to the floor where they participated in a high energy hour of dance. The fast pasted evening was full of laughter as participants gained a new appreciation for the focus and determination it takes to get the steps looking and feeling right. Lilia took them through the steps where they were able to emulate her signature moves. Although exhausted by the end of the end of the class the women went away elated by the fact that they had been able to experience their very own ‘Dancing With The Stars’ training session with Lilia.

Danielle Hinan
Community Marketing Manager

Thank You So Much!
By Michal - 29th October 2010
Amazing session of dance class with Lilia @ 125 Kings road. It was great idea and great fun! The adrenaline was all over the place and I was very happy I could participate with my big bump (7 weeks to go…) Thank you so much!
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