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A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

posted on Thursday, 21st February 2013 | find under Tamara

If you've popped in to a Sweaty Betty boutique recently you might have spotted some beautiful artwork lining the walls. Our multi-talented Graphic Designer, Ruth Roberts, spends most of her days designing our catalogues and window displays on her Mac but when it came to showcasing the Dance Statement collection, she felt that a photo led campaign just wouldn't quite cut it.
Ruth wanted to really bring the movement of dance to life, so turned her hand to watercolours (as seen above) to reflect the fluidity of our ENB Prima Ballerina model, Begona, during her barre practice. The result is a stunning set of original paintings which have been blown up to allowing the true authenticity of this line to shine through.
Day In The Life Of A Graphic Designer
By Jane - 3rd March 2013
I really love the dance influence in this promotion. The watercolours are beautiful. You can feel the movement in your body just by looking at them. I would love to be able to have one. I normally shop with you online but am going to Brighton store shortly so hope you have some there to look at!
Day In The Life Of A Graphic Designer
By merl - 26th February 2013
Hi Merl. Thanks for your comment. The paintings are not available to buy but we'd love to send you one once we've stopped using them in store. If you can drop aimee@sweatybetty.com a note with your address we will arrange for one to be send to you at the end of the season. Thanks Team SB
Day In The Life Of A Graphic Designer
By Merl - 25th February 2013
Hi, just wondering if prints can be bought of the Dance Statement collection and if so what is the pricing? thanks
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