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a bump in the road

posted on Monday, 7th December 2009 | find under Fitness

9miles on thursday followed by a cycle, 5 miles on friday followed by training and then 12 miles at the weekend has left me with what runners world calls a navicular sprain and i call a pain in my foot. A bad one. That hurts a lot. To be honest i would like to blame my trainers but being the geek that i am i actually rotate various shoes for various runs and so instead must blame in on general wear and tear. I have, over the course of my sports career found myself grading my injuries. Break or tear allows me some rest, strain or bruise doesnt. There simply isnt time when you have race deadlines to take a week off. Some would call this madness and whilst i agree that your body muct heal, i also know that your body will heal even if you train on it (in most cases). This is one of those text book times when to all people i would say rest and yet i find it hard to follow the same advice. I am not a great person to be around if i dont train (and to be fair im a pretty boring person to be around when i do...not a win win!) and i get very worked up if i lose preparation time. Today however i have taken a day off. Well, i have done 2 sessions of callanetics and had a quick cycle...but my foot feels much better. The book says to tape it up and this should stop pain when running. Ill let you know how it goes- 9 miles planned for the morning!

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