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4 exercises to balance out December indulgence

posted on Thursday, 1st December 2016 | find under Fitness
Can’t resist the mouth-watering smell of mulled wine wafting from every corner? Or those mince pies making eyes at you from every pastry display in sight? At Sweaty Betty we are all about balance and despite the fact we will be indulging in a mince pie (or three), we'll be balancing it out with plenty of burpees. This is why we've recruited Sweaty Betty ambassador Brit Williams of Fit Brit Collective to ensure you're not shaking your belly like a whole lot of jelly (sorry Santa). 

sweaty betty december workout
Brit wears the Mountain Top Seamless Base Layer and Mountain Top Seamless Leggings

Complete each of the following exercises as a circuit. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds before moving straight to the next exercise. Complete 5 rounds for a 20-minute full-body workout that will have you gleefully gobbling up the season’s finest treats. 

North Pole Jumps 

sweaty betty december workout
Brit wears the Mountain Top Seamless Base Layer and Mountain Top Seamless Leggings

Time to unleash some power from your center and work your core more dynamically. Rock back onto your thoracic spine, generating momentum as you roll back to your heels and push explosively into a vertical jump. Soften your knees to land and repeat. Use your hands for an extra push if necessary, or go hands free for an advanced abdominal challenge. 

Chimney Crawl

sweaty betty december workout
Brit wears the Pacesetter Vest and To The Beat Reversible Leggings

Get into a wide press-up position and lower your chest between your elbows, keeping your hips in line with your shoulders so your lower back doesn’t dip towards the floor. Now crawl forwards by sliding the right knee to the right elbow and pushing through your right foot as you slide left knee to left elbow. Make your body as strong and flat as possible as you progress along the floor (we don’t advise trying this in an actual chimney). And you thought Santa’s job was easy! 
Swan Lake Squat

sweaty betty december workout
Brit wears the Mountain Top Seamless Base Layer and Mountain Top Seamless Leggings

Assume a hip width squat position and sink your hips over your heels into a deep squat. As you come to stand, push dynamically through your heels and elevate one leg out to the side for a glute and hip strengthening abductor challenge. Pause briefly at the top, finding stability by drawing your navel to your spine, before slowly returning to your squat and repeating on the other side. Odette has nothing on you!
St Nick Burpees

sweaty betty burpees
Brit wears the Pacesetter Vest and To The Beat Reversible Leggings

Make like Santa and perform one long broad jump, landing in a soft squat position (no heavy feet!), then plant your hands and kick back into a full burpee. Jump up and repeat – lucky for you it’s just for 40 seconds and not all night long. 
Join Brit for Bootcamp & Bend on the afternoon of Saturday 10 December – a festive fitness party including bootcamp, yoga, healthy canapés and early Christmas gifts. For more information and tickets, visit fitbritcollective.com/special-events. Or enjoy a free in-store festive bodyweight bootcamp at Sweaty Betty Wimbledon at 12.30pm on Wednesday 21 December. 
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