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november 2007 snow bunny survey results

Top answers to survey question "Who would you most like to be stuck on the chair lift with and why?" in our November 2007 snowBunny survey
Jamie Oliver because hopefully he would have a few tasty snacks in his bum bag!
Kate Moss…because then my husband would be falling over himself to rescue us!
Wireless hot chocolate machine and a bottle of whiskey
The bloke with the lunch packs!
MacGyver, using nothing more than his pocketknife, sunblock and a scarf.
Bon Jovi so that midway he could sing, ‘Whoa, we’re halfway there…whoa, sitting on a chair!’ (WINNER)
Prince Harry, he’ll probably have a hip flask on him!
David Attenborough, he’d point out the lesser spotted snow vessel and the time would fly!
Peter Crouch, his feet would touch the ground!
Mr Tickle (Mr Men) as his long arms could keep me warm.
A Swiss ski instructor with limited English ability.
Kate Middleton because I’d love to find out how to bag a prince.
1. What is your dream ski holiday?
  Response Percent
Fully catered chalet and the kids taken care of Response equal to 31 31%
Smart Hotel and no kids Response equal to 25 25%
Chic apartment and trying out all the local hotspots Response equal to 34 34%
Ice Hotel Response equal to 10 10%

To take kids or not to take kids. That seems to be the question!

2. How would you rate your ability on the slopes?
  Response Percent
Bum in the snow Response equal to 20 20%
Weening myself off the baby slopes Response equal to 23 23%
Cruising down the blues and wiping out on the reds Response equal to 39 39%
Giving the instructors a run for their money Response equal to 18 18%

So we have some real experts out there!

3. How far have you got with your ski instructor?
  Response Percent
Nowhere! Response equal to 59 59%
Vin chaud Response equal to 26 26%
A tumble in the snow Response equal to 11 11%
Getting cosy in front of the fire Response equal to 4 4%

Big surprises here. Very jealous of the lucky few!

4. What do you think about UK Snowdomes?
  Response Percent
Snowdome? What's that? Response equal to 19 19%
Nothing beats the real thing Response equal to 56 56%
Great in between ski holidays Response equal to 23 23%
Best thing since sliced bread! Response equal to 2 2%

I must admit I am also a fan of the real thing!

5. How far would you go to make your ski holiday greener?
  Response Percent
Swap the plane for the train Response equal to 54 54%
Avoid resorts that cut down trees to widen the pistes Response equal to 70 70%
Climb to the top myself and sleep in a snow hole Response equal to 8 8%

More than 75% of you would take one or more steps to be greener!

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