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may 09 credit crunch and you survey results

1. As the media shouts ‘credit crunch’ what can’t you live without?
    Response Percent
New clothes Response equal to 21   21%
Meals out Response equal to 16   16%
My fitness Response equal to 63   63%
Total Respondents  542
2. What is the first expense to go when finances are strained?
    Response Percent
Gym/studio membership Response equal to 23   23%
Regularly renewing my performance kit Response equal to 31   31%
Personal trainer Response equal to 47   46%
Total Respondents  539
3. How easy has it been to find cheaper and free fitness alternatives near to you since the credit crunch started?
    Response Percent
Very easy (I now run and train outside) Response equal to 41   41%
O.K (but miss the motivation of timetabled classes and commitment to a membership) Response equal to 27   27%
Couldn’t find anything that works for me as well as gyms and studios Response equal to 32   32%
Total Respondents  534
4. Which of the below magazines will you still be reading despite the credit crunch?
    Response Percent
Vogue Response equal to 12   12%
Zest Response equal to 40   41%
Harpers Response equal to 2   2%
Elle Response equal to 12   12%
Grazia Response equal to 33   33%
Total Respondents  443
5. What would you suggest the government and or your local council do to support fitness accessibility in your community in times of economic hardship and job insecurity?  


"Advertise activities such as running groups in the local area or organize 'outdoor' gyms"

"Areas in parks where you can do circuits, with monkey/chin up bars or steps"

"Cheaper pay-as-you-go prices would be fair on gym/sports. I hate paying a full month if I'm ill & can't go!"

"Council tax is subsidized"

"Improve public facilities - make it safer to run at night"

"Incentive - if you go to use the leisure centers at least ttwice a week you get a 3rd free, or each session at a reduced rate the more you use"

"Make it free"

"Make memberships fees payable from your wages before tax is taken out - healthy people (prevention) will save them in the long run!"

"More Pay-as-you-go options at local fitness centers. (Tower Hamlets has got a stack of them and they're great - about £5 membership per year!)"

"Provide a monthly membership option without having to sign up for 12 months"

"Provide more written information to people on income support about reasons and ways to keep fit without cost, to encourage positive incentive"

"Public toilets and night time lighting"

"Stop selling evey available piece of green land to developers (especially playing fields for schools) so we can all get out and about"

"Take tips from sweatybetty, get volunteer trainers/instructors on board and offer subsidized or free fitness programmes in local parks/town halls"

"To sponsor fitness, surely in the long term it will save on expenses for the NHS"

"More cycle lanes. Safety issues prevent me cycling in London"

"I'm lucky to live in a place where my local authority is very pro-active in this domain"

"Provide more well controlled cycle paths"

"Encourage more outdoor activities s/a cycling & get ppl aware of running clubs & parks in their local area - encourage companies to do free run days"

"Put more variety of classes on at the council leisure centres, run free exercise days in the park"

"Subsidise gym private gym memberships and make illegal the1-year contracts that is my main deterent of joing a gym"

"Suggest more cycle routes so people can commute and exercise, better lighting in parks to go running in the evenings/ early mornings"

"Provide well-lit outdoor areas in autumn/winter when it's dark after work, build more cycle paths so people can cycle to work easier"

"More local outside sports clubs for free to generate increased awareness of fitness eg running clubs"

Reduce community centre membership fees"

"Discounts for local residents"

"Lower gym membership, great more interesting outdoor activities such as more off-road cycle routes, more footpaths, many more bridle paths"

"My local council facilities are fantastic but I do think the government need to recruit a proper health minister who is genuinely inspring"

"Need to provide more affordable gyms with classes etc, better changing facilities and well trained staff"

"Provide a swimming pool"

"Pay for one get one free"

"My local authority gym has frozen gym fees - others should do the same"

"Free classes"

"Health/fitness is a persons responsibility & can cost lots or nothing, but people may need help/guidance to what you can do fitness wise cheaply"

"Provide affordable facilities to all"

"Getting public groups of people to set up fitness outdoors for free"

"One pound swims or classes"

"Build more public tennis courts"

"Encourage small businesses to provide changing/shower facilities so staff can exercise in their lunch break"

"More free outdoor programs, short term gym memberships, classes only memberships"

"That councils leaflet about green gyms and all local amenities to raise awareness"

"Free fitness classes in public parks in the summer"

"Make the municipal facilities more accessible"

"Centers sponsored by the Council are great. Islington also offers free cycling lessons which is also wonderfully accessible"

"Make Leisure Centre subscriptions free"

"Have more activities available after 5pm and during weekends"

"Have more local community centres with fitness facilities - or provide subsided membership in a trade off for volunteer work in the community"

"Free access to pools at community centres across London"

"Gym credit"

"Free gym memberships in the daytime"

"Make public swimming and gyms cheaper for families"

"More variety of activities"

"Organise more charity sport events e.g. cycle rides"

"Alter local swimming pool opening times to suit people who work 9 - 5.30pm"

"Hold free classes"

"Safe, lit running areas"

"More outdoors fitness classes (like Sweaty Betty's fun runs, yoga etc) on a pay-as-you-go basis, or free"

"Free fitness classes"

" Not all gyms have tennis, badminton courts etc... they could offer discount prices at off peak times for non members at clubs that do have them"

"Free access to fitness classes/gyms for low income families"

"To help do more family things to promote fitness and having fun!"

"Free swimming sessions and push cycling"

"Better involvement of fitness professionals in the community and outside of leisure centres and gyms. Better use of outdoor spaces and non convention"

"Encourage clubs such as running or cycling"

"Maintain top leisure centres and gyms using taxpayer's money more wisely; encourage free running and walking clubs; give more allotment spaces"

"More classes- especially ones in parks. Outdoor training/exercise can work for all ages"

"Lower fees of community centers, increase accessibility to fitness centers, advertise so
people actually know what is available"

"Provide clubs for people to meet in parks to perform fitness training in a more cost efficient way - use the great outdoors! People need motivation"

"Advertise sports events and running tracks"





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