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Work it! Own it! Love it!

posted on Thursday, 21st January 2010 | find under 

Hey Betties, how you doing? The weather might not be able to decide what it wants to do, but you surely can!! Are you an indoor girl or an outdoor girl? Are you a speed girl, or a slow and steady girl? Are you a team girl or a go-solo girl? Whatever your choice Betties it's important that you LOVE it!!!!!!! That's right, embrace your choice of getting fit and feeling fly!! See, when I was hanging out with the awesome British 2012 hopefuls. That's right. Me, and some amazing athletes!! I got to asking them exactly what keeps them going, when the going gets tough. And whilst they all did different disciplines, they all said the same thing "Choose something you love." And that was it, such a simple explanation behind what drives them, They love what they do!!!

So you know what, if your friend's butt is tight from circuit classes, but you love salsa DO THE SALSA!!!!!! There's no point in dragging your ass through a training session if it's just going to bring you misery. If you're gonna tone your butt, you might as well enjoy yourself!! Anyhoo, the point is that with Fit 4 Free, you get to try out lotsa cool stuff and get lots of different advice, so if you're struggling to find a passion, this should give you a gentle pat on a soon-to-be-firm bottom!

Ahem, this is me with one of the 2012 hopefuls...Perry...she's a 400m hurdler and super cool, cos obviously I only hang out with super cool chicks!!

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