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What's in your lunch box?

posted on Monday, 5th October 2009 | find under 

Yes Betties, the big food debate!! What should one eat if one is to soar like an eagle? Well, secretly we know don't we...it's not like you look at a chocolate cake and say to yourself "yes, this is the food source that will turn me into a Goddess!" Yet, there are still so many questions surrounding what and what not to eat. Unfortunately there is a lot of conflicting evidence out there so making informed decision can be a little tough at the best of times.

So I thought I would throw a little advice your way, in case you are interested. It's what works for me and lotsa my ladies so give it a try and see what you think...

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 1: Always eat breakfast! It sets your metabolism up for the day as digestion itself burns calories. I'm a porridge girl through and through, I have mine with blueberries for a little antioxidant super power!

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 2: Eat protein (meat/fish/eggs/dairy*/nuts/seeds) with every meal. Eating protein slows down the rate of sugar absorption from carbohydrates into your bloodstream, reducing energy spikes and lows as well as reducing your body's fat storing abilities (yes please!!) So with breakfast that might mean a poached egg, or some yoghurt* mixed in with your porridge; for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks that might mean some nuts or seeds; for lunch that might mean some chicken; and for dinner that might mean some fish.

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 3: Eat 5-6 times a day. As in food rule no. 2, digestion burns energy slimming those thighs and trimming that tum. A regular day might be, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a light mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Don't go crazy on portion sizes here, and NO, biscuits do not count as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks!!

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 4: Drink 1.5-2 litres of water per day - the toxins have to be flushed out Betties, so get to drinking!!

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 5: Your plate should be coloured with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Berries are the Queens of fruit, and the green leafy sort, are the Kings of veggies. I couldn't live without my daily fix of blueberries, spinach, and broccoli. Turn your nose up at the greens if you will, but I'm a huge fan of their cellulite busting abilities! In fact fruit and veggies are the kind of carbohydrates that your body loves, keep away from the starchy variety (rice, potatoes, wheat-free bread) after 3pm.

Fit Betty Food Rule no. 6: Don't be scared of fats! Omega fats found in oily fish, nuts and seeds are great at shifting the stubborn fat that you're trying to get rid of. Embrace good fats!!!!

*Dairy doesn't agree with some as our ability to digest milk sugar can reduce as we leave childhood. If you're not sure, drink a glass of milk and see if it bloats you. Yoghurt can have slightly different properties and may not have the same bloating effect.

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