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Two weeks to fabulousness ...

posted on Friday, 16th July 2010 | find under 

TWO weeks to go now. And you're either well on track, with a few pounds shed, or perhaps, you're on the hunt for some super-speedy fat loss tips.

Now I'm not one for quick fixes (as you might have gathered from my blogs) but there are a few tricks up my fitness sleeves, although I would hasten to add these aren't recommendations for a long-term fitness solution.

One of the best and fastest ways to drop some fat is by skipping breakfast before your morning cardio (yes I said skip breakfast but only for the duration of a 30-minute cardio session). 

Several studies have shown that skipping snacks before you exercise makes the body burn fat as fuel because there simply aren't any carbs to go around.

This technique is also used in F1 teams to get drivers to their target weight.  Morning runs before breakfast to make you go faster!

According to Peter Hespel, a professor of exercise physiology at the University of Leuven in Belgium, when you exercise after fasting, your insulin levels are low but your adrenaline levels are high, which helps your muscles to break down fats as fuel.

And because the fitter you are the more efficient you are at using fat as fuel, it follows that the fitter you are, the more effective this training method will be for you (more incentive to be a super lean fat burning machine).

So when I next scoff at my lovely husband managing his miniscule fat gain (this is a man who averages 8% body fat) by a couple of early morning hill sprints, I'll at least now understand the science behind it and may follow him up the hill (maybe when I'm not four months pregnant though).

So go for it.  Two weeks to go.  Hit the cardio early doors but don't forget to have your power breakfast as soon as you finish.  You'll have earned it and it will stop you picking later in the day.



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