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Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 9/12 - These five foods are all the rage this Chrissy!!

posted on Tuesday, 15th December 2009 | find under 

Betttiiieeeeees!!!!! Since the holidays are...let's face it, a lot about food, I thought I would highlight your go to food for the next couple of weeks!! Hell these festive foods are so good for you, you can eat them all year round!!

Jennifer McDaniel, a registered dietitian and director of undergraduate programs in nutrition and dietetics at Saint Louis University, has given us our power 5!!

Cranberries: These bad boys are high in vitamin C (what one needs when one has had more than a tipple or two) and is bursting with antioxidants...zap those wrinkles baby, the party is just getting started!! Sprinkle them on your brekkie, have them with some nuts as a snack, or...if one is feeling very naughty...whizz yourself up a cranberry cocktail!!

Cinnamon: This bacteria-fighting spice is also fab for lowering blood sugar levels should one eat too much pudding! You can whack it on anything, your porridge, your morning tea, on some yoghurt. The opportunities are endless darlings!!

Nuts: Where does one start with these little bundles of goodness?? These babies are a great source of protein (to keep us lean ladies), fibre, and good fats!! Perfect as a snack to keep you going til lunch! My favourites are almonds and walnuts, one never leaves home without them!

Red wine: OK, let's not get carried away Bettie, in small doses yes!! A glass or two is rich with antioxidants but have too much and your body just ain't gonna cope!! All in moderation Betties, we already went through this on day 6

Pomegranates: Love, love, love these little seeds of joy!!! Again bursting with antioxidants, moreso than green tea or red wine, and you know I am a green tea girl through and through!! Although do watch thine clothes when releasing the seeds, it can be a messy operation, I'm all about the bib when doing this, ain't no shame i it!! Again the uses for pomegranate seeds are endless!! Excellent in salads, on brekkie, in a smoothie, too many to mention Betties!!

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