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Twelve Days of Christmas - Part 10/12 - Step away from the pudding!

posted on Wednesday, 16th December 2009 | find under 
'Tis a travesty Betties, pudding, it would appear, is the downfall of mankind!! You may have to completely rethink Christmas dessert!!!

New research published in the FASEB journal has shown that foods high in fat and in sugar, Christmas pudding, and all manner of Christmas delights, may actually switch on genes that cause our bodies to store too much fat! And there we were waxing lyrical about squeezing into that LBD on day 1!!

Anyways, the research has shown that foods that are high in both fat and sugar stimulate a known opioid receptor, which plays a role in fat metabolism. When this little baby is stimulated, it causes your body to store more fat!! What the??!!!! Who needs to store more fat dammit!!! We spend our days working our tooshies, looking cute in Betty gear, to stay honed and toned!!!

The good news is that this is more the case if one scoffs such treats on a regular basis. However if one chooses to dabble in a little Christmas pud on Christmas day, and doesn't intend on living on a Christmas pudding diet into 2010, all will be ok!! So eat with care Betties!!! You have been warned!!

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