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Today I have a confession to make, it's about love:hate....

posted on Friday, 30th October 2009 | find under Tamara

This morning I was up bright and early filming all my videos. And as I was finishing all the locals were laughing and chatting at the local cafe, enjoying a morning coffee. It looked like such a great little community vibe that I wanted to be a part of it. I decided to join them.

Well, some of you may, or may not know: But coffee and me really do have a love:hate affair. For me it's definitely been the hardest addiction to break, much harder than any other including; sugar, food, alcohol, cigarettes... But you know, to give myself credit, I've cut way, way back. I used to be really addicted - just the thought of coffee would have me jumping out of bed, to today I'd be lucky to have a couple of coffees a month. There's a part of me that really enjoys them in that moment of sitting in a cafe, ordering the coffee, smelling the coffee, and drinking the coffee. But later on in the day, wow, I really do pay for the price. Big time. I really notice it in my yoga practice. I feel as stiff as an old board! Not fun.

Coffee stiffens the body like nothing else on earth. Why? I actually have no idea.

So if you are a coffee-drinking, coffee loving yogi gal like I used to be, see if you can start to cut back, and see your backbends make dramatic leaps forwards, and see your flexibility improve hugely beyond what you ever thought possible! Some tips I have for cutting back on coffee: drink hot lemon water (with or without fresh ginger), fresh mint tea, a delicious and refreshing smoothie, a coffee substitute (dandelion coffee or roasted chicory) or you could even try a herbal tea and see if that hits the spot. If you love the taste of coffee, and want a real coffee-tasting substitute, the best one I know is called Teeccino - for more info, check out www.Teeccino.com

Let me know how you get on! Much love xx

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