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Three weeks to fabulousness ...

posted on Tuesday, 6th July 2010 | find under 

It's all about the exercise this week.

Hopefully by now you've audited your kitchen, completed a 'new you' shop and started feeling great from the extra nutrients your packing in. 

Or, perhaps you've just joined us and are wondering how you can drop a few pounds and feel more confident for a special event in just three weeks.

The good news is that you have time to lose up to three pounds of body fat.  If you aren't sure about body fat versus weight then I would recommend a trip to your local gym to find out.  Most trainers worth their salt will be able to offer you a body fat assessment which will identify what percentage of your total weight is fat.  It's the fat you want to lose.  As far as I'm concerned you can forget about your weight or BMI (don't get me started) so long as you focus on the fatty stuff!

So it's time to elaborate on last week's weekly workout plan.


Whatever activity you choose to use for this, bike, run, swim or walk, this week it's time to start building up your intervals.  I find this is best to do without a heart rate monitor or machine since it enables you to understand and listen to your own body. Here's a suggested 20 minute interval training workout using running as an example:

Warm-up for 8 minutes, starting at a steady pace, building to a more challenging yet still comfortable pace (able to construct short sentences)

Interval 1: Run for 40 seconds at a fast pace, by about 30 seconds you should be finding it quite hard. If you're a competitive type sometimes it's useful to try and catch another runner in the park!

Recovery 1: Run for 2 minutes at a recover pace. You should be able to breathe a iittle easier by the second minute of this recovery period.

Repeat Interval and Recovery phases 4 times.

Cool down for 2 minutes.


It still surprises me that relatively few women in gyms use the weights area and if they do, it's to use light weights, perhaps this is because mainstream magazines still fail to recommend anything more than 3 kilos in any workout programme.  No wonder many women complain to me that they get bored counting repetitions. When you really start working out, boredom is the last thing on your mind!

Newsflash: Your legs carry the majority of your body weight around every day.  It's no wonder that squatting with a couple of little weights would bore you - it bores your body too.

One of the simplest workouts to follow is from my fellow blogger Joslyn. So rather than reinvent the wheel, there's a link below. Her love handle workout comes in two parts, your cardio intervals (as above) and a weights/power workout, designed to make you sweat and get in shape fast. Whilst your there, take a good browse around FitGirlAboutTown for some great inspiration and top tips.


And if you haven't managed to get yourself active since last week then it's time to ask yourself very honestly why not. Bear in mind that time or lack of it is not a valid excuse (Barack Obama and David Cameron still workout), there is usually something underpinning that old classic.  So what is it?

That's it for now.  But remember you're not on your own.  If you get stuck why not get in touch?



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