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The Roadshow Arrives in Canary Wharf

posted on Friday, 25th October 2013 | find under Fitness, Nutrition
The Roadshow has landed in Canary Wharf – quite a different location than we’ve ever experienced before. In the sea of grey and black suits, our brightly coloured gym kit is rather conspicuous, as is our tendency to carry yoga mats rather than a briefcase.
After a couple of weeks in the Wharf, we no longer look like tourists carrying a mall map and have found our bearings. Now we know to join the huge crowds in The Parlour for lunch and we have been welcomed into banks to take part in corporate classes. It has been a great insight into the life of the working woman. We love seeing them rolling out their yoga mats in the office after a long day at a desk.

Yoga is a big trend in the busy Wharf, and for good reason: an hour to yourself is perfect to help with the stress load at work. The Bikram Studio is popular, with extreme heat and held poses that bring the focus to getting through the 90-minute class rather than workday spreadsheets.

If the women aren’t choosing yoga to decompress, they’re pushing themselves with the Wharf’s hard-core personal trianing studios. We have been put through our paces on the ropes, Jacobs ladder and TRX in the solely PT studio Body Reform. The Fitness Playground has also shown us how to see the Wharf as an adventure playground for adults. We’ve been shown how to make the most of the environment we are currently in, with the plethora of staircases that make hill training look amateur.

Today we’re collaborating with PureSports Medicine at Jubilee Place Mall in Canary Wharf. PureSports medicine will be doing live Pilates demonstrations and we will be giving away goodie bags to the first 200 women that sign up to be Sweaty Betty members. Come down and grab your bag - we look forward to seeing you there!

The new Canary Wharf Jubilee Place boutique is opening soon - visit the boutiques page for more details.
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