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The Healing Power of R & R...

posted on Wednesday, 7th October 2009 | find under Nutrition

Namaste Yogis! Today was a day off for me.

Before I trained to be a yoga teacher, I used to work Mon-Fri, deep in corporate marketing land. So a mid-week Wednesday holiday felt like an indulgent treat to be treasured! I had a super start doing my writing (My morning pages - If you haven't heard of them google Julia Cameron, The Artists Way, this woman and her work will change your life, very inspiring) followed by my morning yoga practice on my balcony (see photo below), being luxuriously bathed in lovely late summer early morning sunshine, (If there is a heaven, I think I found it there!) followed by a delicious big breakfast, and a healing reflexology session that moved me from tears to laughter....

All this, followed by a wee nap (siesta style), and a wander through wild olive groves and a meditation by a running stream and a touch more of late afternoon sunshine.... Your body heals when it is resting, so today try and grab some YOU time, Rest+Relax=REJUVENATE, even if it's just a few minutes, it will do you and your bod the world of good...

Signing off from Casperia, Italy, (a 13th Century Traditional Hilltop Village).

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