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testing next winter's skiwear

posted on Tuesday, 1st March 2011 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
 Writing from les deux Alpes where I am happily testing next winter's skiwear. Conditions have been mainly clear and sunny with a very cold wind chill factor at the top (3600m) on the glacier. We had snow falls yesterday though so I was able to test waterproofness too.
So far so good I am pleased to say. I have been wearing both our soft and hard shell jackets with soft shell pants. I had been worried that our soft shell (which looks absolutely gorgeous because you can get it so fitted to the body as it is stretchy) is not warm enough. This year we have lined the front and back with a primaloft layer and I have been wearing it fine in temperatures as low as -12 degrees. I have loved wearing it and it kept me completely dry in yesterday's afternoon of snow blizzarding. The hood fits over my helmet which works well when you need that extra layer to keep off the wind, especially on cold chairlifts. (I am wearing a bamboo vest, bamboo long sleeve top, microfleece and bamboo leggings underneath).
The soft shell pants are FANTASTIC. Look great and keep me warm.
The hard shell parka is also great. It is warmer than the soft shell and is longer so you can sit on the tail and have that extra layer on wet cold chairlifts. It is a bit more restrictive than the soft shell as it has no stretch.  Again though, the lovely big hood, completely fur-lined, fits over my helmet, so I'm snug on those windy chair lifts.
My friend who is skiing with me is wearing the other soft shell fitted jacket and fitted pants and keeps getting hit on by her ski instructor who keeps telling her he likes her style!

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