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Tennis ... Could I? Should I?

posted on Wednesday, 15th June 2011 | find under Fitness

GREAT news just in.  I’ve already made my four pound target, two weeks early!  I’m so pleased I set a very conservative target since now I’m totally motivated to shift even more by the time the Zest Big Girls’ Adventure comes around (only 11 more sleeps).  There are still spaces available if you’ve been leaving it to the last minute.

I also have to own up to another secret motivation.  I was down at our local tennis club on Saturday (Epping) for an open day.  Whilst there I got a mini coaching session from the lovely Matt who also does our Cardio Tennis class. Matt also happens to be player liaison for Wimbledon this year. How cool is that? When quizzed he told me that Kim Clijsters is THE nicest player ever. So a few things got me thinking ...

... I love playing sports outside but golf is a bit difficult to squeeze in with baby Isaac
... I love the fitness side of tennis but my technique has never been too hot
... My lovely hubby (a legs man) often says I have legs like Kim Clijsters !!!
... Every time I look at the summer Sweaty Betty collection I look at those tennis whites and think, “I wish I played tennis.”

So.  I’m thinking I might give it a try.  Tie it in with Operation Hot Mama.  Get me a gorgeous SB tennis outfit.  Get me some lessons.  Keep up the running and weights (and of course the nutrition) and get my legs out on the tennis courts by the end of the summer. Stop making excuses about being afraid of the ball and actually learn how to hit it properly.  

I’ll update you ... x
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