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teetotalism, skin tight ski pants and cowhide furniture

posted on Monday, 18th January 2010 | find under 
Hello all and happy new year to you

Hello all and happy new year to you.  So sorry I havent been updating my blog.  Unforgiveable really.  Bit of a case of writer’s block I think…what can I say that is interesting/inspiring at this grey time of the year?  Well, the easiest is to talk about New Year’s resolutions I suppose and what incredibly exciting things I have proposed for the year…  And the fitness regime…

On that last point, Yolanda (our inhouse military-style fitness fanatic) has set me a triathlon training programme.  Yes I have talked about doing a triathlon for the last couple of years and have not done it.  What is spurring me on though at the moment, is that my husband has decided to do one this summer.  So, my competitive streak has kicked in and I’m gradually upping my normal training programme (but I havent committed yet…I havent properly competed since falling over in the university ski race… so I feel I should start with a 10k and then move onto the big thing).  The other thing I’ve done is give up alcohol for January and it feels so great not having hangovers (especially if you are trying to do more exercise).  I do miss the drinking part though.  Chocolate is delegated to weekends as my special treat.

So, to future holidays and hot places to go.  Jumping straight to the summer:  We have been invited to a friends’ 10th wedding anniversary party in Ibiza in the summer.  Cant wait. We are also going to the Isle of Wight festival at the beginning of June.

I need to go to LA to check out what is happening in the world of active/beachwear and mad keen Americans going about their daily active lifestyles in the next month or so.  Doesn’t sound too bad hey?!

Going skiing with the kids over Easter and I’ve started to think about which gorgeous outfit I should take and have had a bit of a scare cos the lovely high-waisted snug pants have flown out and there’s no more in a size small.  AARGH.  I’m going to get the Inuit parka (luckily some still in stock) as I love the idea of having a longer jacket for those inevitable wet chairlift rides.  The helmet has been bought and now I just need the layer pieces.   The children may be in hand-me-down rodeo all-in-ones, but I will be flying the SB flag of glamour.

On a bit of a different note, had the most fantastic shopping spree at Graham and Green warehouse sale at the weekend.  Bit of a birthday present to myself, but have now updated my house with rather beautifully designed bits of chrome, pony skin, mock croc leather and faux snakeskin.  Sounds a bit animalistic, but trust me it is beautiful tactile timeless product and I just love their eclectic mix of world traveller/Moroccan hippie/old  50’s Hollywood glamour.



New year’s resolution #1: update blog more regularly.



Henry on teetotalism, skin tight ski pants and cowhide furniture
By Henry - 28th September 2010
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