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Tamara's scrapbook: Why I love to swim

posted on Tuesday, 26th May 2015 | find under Tamara, Fitness

A dedicated member of a ladies’ outdoor swimming club, Sweaty Betty founder Tamara reaps multiple rewards from her regular pool sessions. Here she outlines five of the benefits she most enjoys from swim training.

Tamara Sweaty Betty Swim Club

Tamara's swim club gets colourful and creative in the pool

1. No impact with amazing fitness improvements

I’ve personally had to face up to the injuries that regular running and other high-impact sports can cause, so swimming has proved a safe way to maintain my training when I’ve been told to give my joints a rest. And the physical benefits are so diverse. As well as getting that endorphin-boosting cardiovascular workout, I find it strengthens my core and gives me great definition across my back.

2. Meditative escape

Breathing is the most important part of swimming. In a way, the rhythmic nature of the movement and the repetitive lengths makes it very similar to yoga in its meditative focus. Recently during my training sessions, the coach has asked us to complete sets of 1500 metres. Counting 60 lengths takes a lot of concentration, which helps to keep my mind in the moment and reduce distraction or daydreams.

3. A tight-knit social community

Swimming is surprisingly social. I swim with my sister most Tuesdays and Fridays, and I’ve made great friends from my coached sessions. We always gather between sets, and there are the inevitable chats in the changing rooms afterwards.

4. Creative inspiration

The women in my swim club provide an amazing sounding board when I’m brainstorming new ideas for Sweaty Betty product. I get very honest feedback on our swimwear and many women volunteer to get involved in product tests. When they’re full of praise, I know we’ve hit the mark.

5. The restorative nature of training outdoors

I’m lucky enough to train in an outdoor pool at my club. It’s so beautiful swimming at night when the sky is clear and full of stars. Swimming is also an ideal way to stay fit on holiday – if I’m by the sea, I will always prefer the waves over the pool. I take my goggles and a bright swim cap – so other swimmers and boaters can see me!

Sweaty Betty Swim Training

Erika wears this season's ultra-flattering Streamline Swimsuit

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