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Sweaty Betty X SLT: Our biggest ever NYC studio takeover

posted on Tuesday, 17th February 2015 | find under Fitness
On Monday 23rd February, nearly 100 in-the-know New York fitness enthusiasts will come together for Sweaty Betty’s biggest New York City studio takeover across three iconic SLT locations. The prestigious Megaformer studio promises a full-body workout combining cardio and conditioning. And for those who were lucky enough to sign up before the nine Sweaty Betty X SLT complimentary classes filled up across Flatiron, Upper East Side and SoHo, there has never been a better opportunity to experience it first-hand. 

For event updates and coverage, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can also learn more about SLT (which stands for the objectives to Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone), read our exclusive Q&A with studio founder Amanda Freeman… 

SLT uses what you call a “Megaformer”. How did you discover it and how is it different from traditional reformer beds?

I discovered the Megaformer during a work trip to Los Angeles five years ago. I fell in love with it immediately! It's best described as a reformer on steroids, and represents an evolution of the traditional Reformer because it’s bigger and equipped with far more handles, straps, bungees and pockets. 

With cardio, strength training and Pilates all combined in one, is the entire workout completed on the Megaformer?

The workout is all done using the machine in some way. You may have one or two feet on the machine, and some moves are hands-free while others require your hands for support. There are hundreds of exercises so every workout is different.  

Tell us why you chose to partner with Sweaty Betty for this event. Are we two peas in a pod? 

For obvious reasons, fitness is so much more than just the 50 minutes a day I spend working out. It's my life. I eat, breath and sleep fitness. Sweaty Betty also understands that fitness is about lifestyle, not just working out. That’s why the clothes and accessories are functional during a workout as well as being fashionable enough to feel confident in and out of the studio. 

How many times a week do you personally practise SLT training? Do you supplement your studio workouts with any other forms of exercise? 

I take an SLT class every other day. It's such an intense workout (especially for the core) that it is hard for my body to do any more than that. It's best to give your muscles some time to repair between workouts. On my non-SLT days, I go for a walk or run, practice yoga or take a rest day. In warm weather months, I will also mix in swimming, paddle boarding and tennis. I love to get outdoors when I can! 

Can you explain the top physical and/or psychological benefits a first-time SLT client can expect? 

Physically, you will feel and work muscles you've never felt or worked before, and you will be sore in places you've never been sore before. It is a low impact workout. There is some cardio but the environment is extremely safe and the risk of injury is very low. Psychologically, your first SLT class can be humbling, as it can be challenging for even the fittest. But very quickly you feel yourself getting stronger and begin to see changes in your body, leading to a great sense of satisfaction. It is also a workout that requires you to focus on the moves you are doing (so you don't fall), so it's a great opportunity to unplug from whatever stresses you have.  

Can you name your single favourite SLT exercise? Why is it your hero move?  

It’s hard to pick a favourite because I love all the SLT exercises, but I might be partial to a move called Mermaid. It is an amazing oblique exercise that uses a strap connected to the base of the Megaformer. You place one foot under that strap while you sit on the opposite hip, so the strap holds down your foot while you lower your torso towards the floor and back towards the ceiling. It's very intense and has lots of variations to help sculpt a chiselled waist. 

Describe the ambience in your classes – do you prefer upbeat music or is it more a state of yoga-like zen? 

The vibe at SLT is all its own. It's definitely not zen or mellow, but it's also not headache inducing. The music is certainly upbeat, as it's a necessary motivator and distraction to help you through the challenge of the workout with as few breaks as possible. Classes are always small, which helps us create a friendly, intimate atmosphere.

How do you prefer to dress for your workouts. Is there an ideal ‘SLT outfit’? 

I like to do SLT in capri leggings (sometimes black and sometimes patterned), a brightly coloured sports bra, a loose-fitting vest top and a pair of high-grip socks.

Shop Amanda’s top Spring Summer 15 picks 

Amanda loves to wear the body-sculpting Define Workout Leggings with a cool slogan yoga vest over the flattering Virasana Padded Yoga Bra in grey. She always has a pair of high-grip socks at the ready for extra stability on the Megaformer.  
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