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SS10 shoot

posted on Wednesday, 7th October 2009 | find under 

Plans to shoot our summer 10 collection at an Olympic size pool in Mallorca with a professional diver have been thwarted as it is too expensive.  We have toyed with shooting in the UK as we want to ensure the British stamp is as strong as it was in our last successful campaign, but we have concluded that we must have sunshine to lift the photos.  We are heading back to Ibiza as we have such a great production agency, 365, over there. We will shoot it though so u are not quite sure where it is.  Spent yesterday styling up all 36 shots and getting hungover michelle to try them all on for us to take photos so we know exactly what we are going to shoot. It was a fantastic day as the samples are AWESOME.


We arrive at Gatwick at 4am for our 6am flight all looking and feeling very weary.  we're all wearing sB leggings to fly in - how can you fly in anything else once you have tried leggings?!  Flight is turbulent and we land in Ibiza in the middle of a rainstorm.  Nervous laughter and "well, we do want it to look british, dont we?" type comments abound.  The beach outside the hotel looks as if a hurricane has just hit it.  We go on a recce with our photographer to check out the locations we had thought appropriate but are all a bit dispirited as it doesnt look so good in the rain.  My vision is for the shoot to be out in the open air, come what may, it is all about summer and working out outside.  The product has been inspired by the hollywood hills and a californian surfy way of living so the shoot must reflect that.  tired, we go to bed praying for sunshine.  We are all woken in the night by the most almighty thunderstorm... in the morning we head over to the rocks by the Blue Marlin to shoot our model wearing our statement running range running up the rocks.  it is bucketing down.  next up she is doing yoga on a deck looking out to sea.  WE all stand around under palm type umbrellas watching our amazing model saluting the er....rain.


we are about to call it a day, when the sun appears.  And it stays appeared for the next 5 days.  perfect.  Our model is fab.  she runs so naturally and does yoga and loves sport in general.  And her body is so toned. ... and a Cambridge and St Martins graduate....unfair. we get some really fabulous shots.  our photographer is also great - he is used to shooting sports shoots so is keen for us to make it authentic and authoritative.  We shoot running up the rocks, sprinting on the beach, mountain biking through mud, doing yoga at sunrise on clifftops, open sea swimming, playing beach volley, tennis etc etc. It is so GREAT.


We have had such a successful shoot and everyone has worked so hard that we treat ourselves to amazing sushi near ibiza old town, head over to Rock Bar, find Vaughan in the hat who takes us 5 girls off to Pacha and...

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