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Setting Intentions, Letting Go and Manifesting Effortlessly....

posted on Wednesday, 25th November 2009 | find under Nutrition

Well, what a day.... Energy vortexes, blue blue skies, canyons, yoga, and setting intentions: magic, flow, open heart, abundance, serenity, service, healing, love and lots of fun for my next adventures in Vancouver next week...

But, hey, I'm still on holiday for a few more days, so I'm remembering to stay in the moment; relaxing, chilling and enjoying this stunning part of the world, that is vibrating with healing energy and natural beauty.... Totally surrounded by huge red canyons like this one.... OH YES, I LOVE YOU SEDONA!

What is your intention for today?

If you haven't set one yet, do it now. It only takes a few seconds.... Sit or lie comfortable (easy pose or corpse pose/sivasana), close your eyes, drop your awareness into your body and your heart, follow your breath, for at least 3 breaths. Take big breaths and release anything you want or need to release, then set your intention on something you would love to have manifest in your life. Don't even think about the details or the how (that's all mind chatter) and focus on what you want, for as long as you feel is right. When you are complete, take a big breath in, and as you release your breath, release deeply and fully, releasing anything that could block your intention from manifesting (fears, phobias, doubts, worries, etc). And then inhale breathing in the feeling of your intention already having happened, then act as if (as if the intention had already manifested!) Stay unattached and totally detached to your intention, just trusting and know ing that whatever happens is for your highest good......

Namaste yogis, sending you much love xxx



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