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SB Meets SBC: The highlights

posted on Monday, 27th October 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition

This Saturday saw 28 of London’s fitness fiends converge in East London’s Ace Hotel for an exclusive training session with SBC’s Russell Bateman. There was a 360° view across to iconic London buildings like the Gherkin, a DJ playing upbeat tracks and goody bags featuring a free Athlete Vest, various Sweaty Betty accessories, delicious Lovage smoothies and treats from Danielle Copperman’s all-new Qnola range.

And there was lots of sweat as Russell led a typical SBC (Skinny Bitch Collective) training session, featuring high-intensity intervals, traveling lunges and his signature primal movements. #TeamSB was thrilled to catch up with Russell and ask him a few questions about his coveted fitness programme, and how he built a reputation sculpting the physiques of some of the UK’s most high profile women. 

Describe SBC in three words.
Empowering. Educational. Evolving. 

What’s your favourite place to train? 
The roof at Soho House NYC is incredible, and Ibiza has the most epic scenery. 

Name your favourite go-to exercise? 
Sprints – 20sec all out, 30sec rest, then repeat. Anything where you are inverted will create results, and full-body training is a must. 

Why primal movements? 
Getting back to basics with primal full-body moves is so much more effective than traditional cardio. Boredom is the enemy, and your body won’t thank you for it. 

Why train with SBC? 
This is the toughest workout for women in London. It’s constantly evolving. It’s elusive (some say exclusive) and will continue to be so. 

What’s next for SBC? 
We’ve just launched online coaching with fitness tutorials and food advice. Coming up will be more pop-ups, special projects, collaborations… and America. 

You can visit our events page to stay informed about upcoming Sweaty Betty events, and don't forget to join the #GetFit4Free conversation on Twitter

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