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Q&A with Guest Instructor Lilia Kopylova

posted on Wednesday, 25th January 2012 | find under Nutrition

Last night professional dancer and choreographer, Lilia Kopylova, hosted a Guest Instructor evening at our 125 Kings Road boutique. After dancing us all fit, we asked the Strictly Come Dancing star a few quick fire questions...
Q: What is your power song?
A: At the moment it has to be Pixie Lott “All About Tonight”
Q: How do you get motivated in winter?
A: Put on a flattering workout outfit, looking good in your kit  helps motivation. Plus if you do the hard work now you’ll have shed the pounds come Summer
Q: What is the most effective dance for fitness?
A: Up tempo dance so that you can burn lots of calories, it's a great cardio workout
Q: Dance, how did you get started and why?
A: I started when I was four as an ice skater and then got hooked on ballet, gymnastics, ballroom and Latin
Q: What is your goal for the future?
A: To carry on performing whilst my legs are still dancing and then who knows. I will always be a dancer and performer though
Dance Trainers
By Lellie - 27th January 2012
Above I meant to write "skip the kind of shoe with heels"!
Dance Trainers
By Lellie - 27th January 2012
Why doesn't SB do any dance shoes? In fact I'm wondering why no sports shops do dance shoes. You could the kind of shoe with heels and stick to flats for zumba, samba, street dance or studio practice. "Greek sandals" are just too ugly. At the moment, for flat dance shoes, I'm wearing some Clarks ballet slippers with stick-on sports bandage on the soles.
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