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On Location - Scotland

posted on Monday, 8th October 2012 | find under Nutrition

We caught up with our Brand Marketing Manager Anna, to hear her thoughts on the styling the Winter Collection and what it was like to shoot on location in Scotland...

Q: What's the best thing about this Winter's collection?
A: I LOVE the unexpected style of layering tweeds, cashmere and sumptuous knits over super technical sportswear to show the fashionability and versatility of our AW12 collection

Q: What made you choose Scotland for the shoot location?
A: When thinking about this shoot, it was clear that we should showcase AW12 in ‘real’ surroundings, in nature – where you would be on your winter run, or where you might need to wrap up warm in our Spa line. Scotland seemed like a great choice: imposing landscapes, deep dark lochs (who knew they were so deep they could house a submarine, as the one our hotel looked out onto did?). Low moody clouds, mysterious mist and snow-capped mountains provided such a romantic setting.

Q: With such rugged surroundings, were you living up to the name of the collection - Adventurers?
A: Absolutely, this shoot made us feel like Adventurers in pursuit of the perfect shot, to demonstrate, with style, that this Winter you must embrace your inner adventurer, embrace our beautiful outdoors and let this collection provide your armour. Making that morning training run possible with merino, show your dark side with a lacy Yoga collection, or turn to luxurious fabrics to cocoon as you step off the slopes. I hope we have succeeded, now I must embark on my adventure… see you out there comrades.

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