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Meet #SBFlyFlexFlow ambassador Nicole Dash

posted on Friday, 6th February 2015 | find under 
With just one week to go in Sweaty Betty’s global Get Fit 4 Free #SBFlyFlexFlow workout (although you can always continue with the podcast and online videos), we round off our Meet the Ambassadors series by chatting with Nicole Dash from the Fly Flex Flow videos…

Nicole is wearing the Fleece Tech Hoody and Nimble Run Thermal Tights

What and where do you teach?

I’m Sweaty Betty’s Oxford Ambassador so I teach regular bootcamp and barre classes there. I also work with a local CrossFit box and train private clients at The Athlete Centre
What’s your favourite part of the Fly Flex Flow workout?

I loved the running and skipping intervals of the Fly section. It made a nice change and a great excuse to get outside as my workouts usually involve a small platform and a barbell! I enjoyed having all that space.  
What techniques in the workout are similar to your own classes or PT sessions?

I use a lot of squats in my PT sessions and of course in my own workouts, so I enjoyed the squats (with punches) in the Flex session! The intensity of the Flex section was also similar to many of the bootcamp style classes I teach. The concept of working hard for 30 seconds and resting for 10 seconds is really effective and motivating.  

How do you fuel yourself on busy days like shoots or back-to-back classes? 

I eat a really high protein diet so that helps to prevent hunger and cravings between meals. When I do need a little extra energy, I always have to a whey protein shake by AMSPORT to hand. 
Do you prefer indoor or outdoor training, and why? 

Although I do like the mix of in and outdoors in the Fly Flex Flow workout, if I had to train exclusively one way or the other I’d definitely choose indoors. I like to be warm and close to weights. 
When contending with cold winter conditions, how do you prepare or stay motivated for your workouts?

Get a training partner. I have a running buddy and we’re always inspiring each other to honour our dates with our running shoes. When going solo, good music can also make a huge difference. Black Eyed Peas is my go-to as the upbeat rhythm makes me want to move!  

If Sweaty Betty readers wish to supplement the 3 weekly GF4F workouts, what exercise would you recommend? 

Fly Flex Flow offers a great mix of cardio and weight training together, so for one or two extra workouts a week I would choose to focus solely on weights or on cardio. Go for a long run to see the difference your regular workouts have made on your endurance. Likewise, spend some time with a barbell and put your power to the test. Both disciplines are important for all-round fitness. 

New Year is a time to reflect on your ambitions and set new targets; what will you be working towards in 2015? 

I currently hold the British record for power squatting in the 55kg weight class. The next record on my wishlist is the deadlift.

If Sweaty Betty followers want to see more of you, where can they find you?  

They can join me for in-store classes in Sweaty Betty’s Oxford boutique every Thursday and Friday. 

What was your favourite SS15 piece you wore during the shoot, and why? 

The Fleece Tech Hoody was a dream to wear for outdoor training and kept the cold out on a very frosty winter morning. It also doubles as super cosy loungewear – I could sleep in it, if it wasn’t so incredibly bright! 

If you’re just joining in, here’s your chance to meet our other #SBFlyFlex Flow Ambassadors Annie Foulds, Hollie Grant and Claire Finlay.
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