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Meet London's Toughest Instructor and Find Out How To Win 3 Sessions At Barry's Bootcamp

posted on Tuesday, 3rd June 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness
Renowned as Barry's Bootcamp's toughest instructor, Master Trainer Anya Lahiri is one of the brains behind bringing the capital's most talked-about workout to London.

Also an ambassador for the SB Islington boutique and the host of the next Guest Instructor Event, Sweaty Betty sat down with Anya to get the lowdown on how she first discovered Barry's Bootcamp, and find out what inspired her to bring it overseas.

When did you first discover Barry’s Bootcamp, and what was your first impression of the class?
I discovered Barry's back in 2006, when I was living in LA working as an actress. My first class was a butt and legs class and I literally couldn't walk for two weeks! Although agonising, Barry's became my LA addiction!

What made you decide to bring Barry's Bootcamp to London?
I introduced the concept to James and Sandy (the London franchisees) and helped them to open the London branch over a year ago. Every time I travelled back to London, I couldn't find a workout that was as challenging and fun. I spent so many years as a model and actress trying every workout class under the sun and never found anything as effective as Barry's for changing my shape and keeping me toned and lean.

What was the public's reaction when Barry’s first opened in Euston?
The response to Barry's has been phenomenal. Most of our client base has come through word of mouth and it has become a real community between the clients, deskers and trainers. We have also been very fortunate to have some great write-ups in the press which makes me very proud and is testament to how hard everyone at Barry's works. Currently our classes are selling out weeks in advance - I think it's time we opened a second location!

How would you describe the benefits of a Barry’s Bootcamp workout?
The class is described as 'the best workout in the world' and although probably biased, I would have to agree. In an hour you can burn up to 1000 calories through high intensity intervals on a treadmill, resistance work with weights and body weight exercises. It is great for cardio fitness and insanely good for fat loss and toning up. The results that clients achieve have been astonishing. One client of mine went from 22% body fat down to 12% in just 6 weeks. That is the percentage that an elite female athlete would have!

Do you take regular Barry’s classes? And do you still find them a challenge?
I do Barry's at least 4 times a week and sometimes more. Like I said, it's an addiction!

Outside of Barry’s, what other kinds of workout/training do you do?
I have to be honest, Barry's is the main exercise I do, along with walking my dog Crusoe who is the best personal trainer and motivator. I recently ran the Nike We Own The Night 10K, so I did some outdoor running to get some miles in my legs, but really, the woodway treadmills at Barry's are my thing. I could do with incorporating some yoga into my life; something calming. 

What is your Barry’s PB on speed and incline?
I wouldn't recommend this as it can lead to injury, but a 15% incline at 12.5 mph for 30 seconds is my PB. A girl in my class in LA ran it so I had to see if I could too - I'm very competitive!

Is your preference the floor or the treadmill?
I love the endorphin rush from the treadmills and get very competitive in class. I think the sign of a great Barry's class is when you are wishing to be back on the floor when you're running, and praying to get back on the treadmill when you're on the floor. It's all great! 

What is your favourite Barry’s protein shake from the in-house Fuel Bar?
I have two... Neopolitan (chocolate almond milk, strawberries, chocolate whey protein) and Miami Mango Madness (apple juice, pineapple juice, mango, vanilla whey protein). They are delicious!

Do you have any favourite snacks for pre or post-workout?
I'm a massive fan of avocados - I can't get enough. I also eat tons of fish post-workout as I don't eat meat, but still crave protein after lifting and running so hard at Barry's. 


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