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Meet London Edit model Betty Adewole

posted on Wednesday, 9th September 2015 | find under Tamara

From the moment she saw the first production samples of the exclusive new London Edit collection, Sweaty Betty founder and creative director Tamara knew she needed a bold, beautiful and unique individual to represent such an exciting addition to our seasonal ranges. When she saw Betty Adewole featured in the UK’s Stylist magazine, she knew she’d found the perfect match.

“She’s a former track athlete, an avid skateboarder, a Londoner born and bred and one of Britain’s most in-demand fashion models,” reflects Tamara. “Who could possibly be better to model an edgy London-inspired capsule activewear range?”

As a self-proclaimed tomboy, Betty also felt inspired by the new Tomboy collection and the London Edit range that channels the season’s alternative extreme-sports influence and cool androgynous styling.

The epitome of a ‘Betty’, defined by the Urban Dictionary as “A young and good-looking woman made popular by the skate and surf crowd”, here Miss Adewole gives Sweaty Betty an exclusive insight into her inspiring life…

Sweaty Betty London Edit Betty

You often describe yourself as a tomboy – what does that mean to you?

I’m pretty laid back and easy going, I guess that’s what being a tomboy means to me. It also means I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty; modelling is a tough industry and you’ve got to get stuck in and have a thick skin. You might look elegant in a shoot, but there are very early starts, long hours and minimal breaks behind the finished product. 

You haven’t always been a model though have you? Tell us about training for the Olympics…

I used to be really into athletics and was pretty good at sprinting and the long jump. At 17, I was focused on training for the Olympics but I got spotted by a model scout and I swapped careers. It was a tough decision but I just got busier and busier as a model and it felt like the right move.

How has fitness and sport continued to impact your lifestyle?

I moved away from the skateboarding, which I used to love, and other adrenaline-centric sports that did it for me when I was a teenager, but fitness will always be a big part of my life. At the moment I’m really into yoga; it helps that my partner teaches it. Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga are my two favourite disciplines – they help me to stay in shape and chill out.

The fashion focus is now on New York with the beginning of New York Fashion Week, but you were born and bred in East London. How has your upbringing influence your style?

Growing up in the East End meant I developed a gritty, ghetto style, so I’ve got a wardrobe full of trainers and tracksuits. Even if I wear proper trousers, I like them slouchy and loose-fitting – a bit androgynous. My style hasn’t changed loads over the years, but I’ve moved on from wearing caps to donning hats.

It sounds like your love of fitness really underpins your look…

I guess it does. A typical outfit for me is lounge pants with Russell and Bromley loafers or flats – real sports luxe. On top, I’ll wear a sweater by Uniqlo and add a jacket for a more grown-up look. Karen Millen’s my favourite for a more tailored look. 

So, dressed in your sports luxe staples, what would you do for a perfect London day out?

I love the cable car in Greenwich yet; it’s great for a different way to see the city. I’d start with that, then take a walk along the Southbank, maybe head into the Aquarium and then to the BFI (British Film Institute) to catch a good movie. I’d finish the day with a yoga session or a trip to the shisha places on Brick Lane. If I was out to treat myself, I’d go for a manicure and pedicure.

And if you’re heading to the gym, what would we find in your bag?

Nothing complicated, just face and body moisturiser and my own yoga mat – it’s something personal to me.

Finally, what does a day on your plate look like?

I manage my nutrition by making sure I get my five fruit and veg a day – I feel particularly great if I eat lots of greens, like spinach. And I drink a lot of water every day.

You can follow Betty on Instagram @bettyadewoleofficial and Twitter @bettyadewole. Click here find out more about the London Edit and shop the range here and in selected Sweaty Betty stores – best be quick, there are just 100 pieces of every item in Sweaty Betty’s most exclusive capsule collection.

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