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Meet Fitness Blogger Cat Meffan

posted on Friday, 27th January 2017 | find under Fitness
31 days to fit

Meet Cat Meffan

cat meffan 31 days to fit
Cat wears the Shanti Bra and Navasana Leggings

If you’ve ever wondered who the fit-girl on Instagram doing handstands is, chances are it’s Cat Meffan. A jewellery designer and yoga teacher from Hertfordshire, head to Imperfect Matter for Cat’s refreshingly honest reviews on fitness wear, training tips and to discover the latest workouts everyone’s talking about. If that's not enough for you the Imperfect Matter YouTube channel is one to visit, with tips on how to hold the perfect plank or how to improve your running.

After qualifying as a yoga teacher, Cat can be found at classes around the world in the brightest printed leggings on offer. To help you stretch out and tone after a week of sweat, Cat has shared her go-to intense Power Yoga workout.

Three burning questions

Describe your morning routine?

The first thing I do when I get up is 20 minute exercise plan to work on my posture. Very simple movements and so effective. Then it’s straight to the kettle for a cup of builder's tea, followed by meditation and then a workout. As I’m such a morning person I like to get a lot done as early as possible. Once my workout or yoga is complete I have breakfast which is usually a smoothie or porridge. 

Your favourite workout and why?

I love rocket yoga. Not only is it yoga, therefore so much more than just a physical workout, but the sequences are full of inversions, which I love.

Guilty Pleasure?

Galaxy chocolate for sure! Although I tend not to feel guilty for it, as I don’t have it all the time. If not chocolate, then singing my heart out to Celine Dion is definitely a guilty pleasure! 

Find out more about Cat on ImperfectMatter.com and follow her on @catmeffan. Try Cat's yoga workout here and join us at sweatybetty.com/31daystofit for exclusive workouts, wellness tips, healthy recipes and more. Share your workout selfies, recipe snaps and progress with #31DaysToFit. 
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