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Marathon Training Tips

posted on Wednesday, 17th April 2013 | find under Fitness

The Marathon is nearly here and for all of those that have been clocking up those miles and are both excited and nervous about the big day, we’ve asked two marathon pros to give us their top tips:
Shelly Vella – Fashion Director at Cosmopolitan Magazine (and running on the big day!)


Download a great audio book for long runs
it's a great way to help the time fly when you are getting some serious mileage under your belt.  Music playlists are fabulous for shorter, faster runs, but third time marathon around I discovered this trick and it really works.


I find that a fresh healthy juice at least once daily is a great booster to your immune system…especially if you add plenty of ginger.  Mix vegetables and fruit and you'll find these are a tasty complement to your nutritional intake and a way of warding off bugs that might interrupt strict training regimes.


Double layered socks and trimmed toe nails

I won’t go into too much detail, but there's a reason for keeping toe nails well trimmed and investing in double layered running socks really does help ward off blisters and any  sharp shocks during a long run.

Don't forget your fluoros

I stocked up on fabulous brights from Sweaty Betty to ensure standing out in glum British weather conditions. Don't assume fellow road users will always see you…

Finally, and most importantly… Ensure you get fitted by a proper running retailer for your shoes…WELL BEFORE you commence training.  To find your Cinderella shoes is the single most important thing as they will be covering a hell of a lot of miles with you. 

Emma Thornton, Sweaty Betty Retail Director (and several times marathon runner)


Run-way style
My advice is to choose an outfit for the big day that you feel really good in. One that will give you confidence and enhance your performance. My favourite outfits are from the Sweaty Betty Run Statement range - innovative styles and great colours - and fabric that's sweat-wicking and light but still supportive of your muscles. With so many thousands running, standing out from the crowd will also help your supporters identify you. I always wear sunglasses too - Prada Sport ones are really light - and they help disguise any signs of agony as the race develops...

Going all hot and cold
It gets pretty sweaty after a few miles whatever the weather, so I'd recommend shorts or capris for Spring or Summer marathons. But it can be chilly with the early start and the waiting around before the race - so I always wear an old tracksuit that I have fallen out of love with and chuck it off at the start line

Lip Service
Find room in your zip pocket for some Kiehl's lip balm - essential comfort for lips, cheeks, eyebrows...!

Fabulous Feet
Treat yourself to a pedicure a week or two before the race. It will rehydrate and re-energise your feet and remind them how much you love them. On the big day I can't run without my Blister Proof socks (never had a single blister!) and my trusty Asics trainers (sold at Sweaty Betty along with gait analysis) - super-cushioning to combat the pavement pounding.

Heroic Finish
Whenever I hit a low point in a long race (usually mine is at 17 miles) I visualise a heroic finish. Reaching the line and throwing your arms in the air in triumph! And if you need the perfect end to the whole experience, book in for a deep tissue massage the next morning - heaven!

20% off for London Marathon Runners

All 2013 London Marathon Runners can receive 20% off at Sweaty Betty between Sunday 21st April and Sunday 28th April. To retrieve the 20% discount, marathon runners must email a picture of their medal and race number to customercare@sweatybetty.com who will then be able to process the discount...or just walk into a store with medal in  hand and start shopping.

Sweety For The Marathon !
By Anonymous - 23rd April 2013
love Sweety betty for running
Marathon Discount
By sarah morley - 21st April 2013
I ran the marathon in 2006, can i get the 20% discount? I have my medal to prove this Many thanks
Marathon Discount
By Alison - 18th April 2013
Last year you did 50% off if we brought a marathon medal into store, any plans to do that again??? It worked for me as I spent a fortune post marathon!!
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