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Marathon runners: we salute you

posted on Monday, 18th April 2011 | find under 
Thank you London Marathon Runners.

Thank you for pushing your body and mind to its limits, thank you for being no less than amazing. The race may have ended at Buckingham Palace but the sense of empowerment and fearlessness you inspired will last for a lifetime. On race day the peace and solitude of running is replaced with the buzz and blare of the crowds, and what are often solo running achievements are now victories shared with thousands. Thank you for moving us to tears with your courage, it was a privilege to share the journey with you.  

The Sweaty Betty Cheer Wall set up camp at mile 19. We cheered, we cried and were thoroughly impressed and amazed by every runner. We were also especially proud of our own SB girls, Danielle and Ashley, running their very first marathon. Well done girls! Below Danielle provides a unique insight into what it is like to run 26.2 miles non-stop.

Arriving at Maze Hill, seeing all the other runners, definitely calmed the nerves to know there were so many others in the same boat. The horn blows and the marathon begins...my legs feel shaky over my first few strides as I am not sure what I what I have gotten myself into. For the first 6 miles I try to keep my pace slower than normal, almost feels un-natural to conserve energy for the rest of the run. The water stations and shower points are a god send, it was a hot run but sipping water and lucozade at each mile made a huge difference in how I felt. The shower points were a much needed refresher. The crowd was unbelievable, coming up to mile 19, I caught a glimpse the SB flags in the distance. Seeing the amazing cheer wall helped me to pick up my stride and push through the last 7 miles. As we ran alongside St. James’ park the overhead sign announcing the final 800m gave me a huge sense of relief, I had made it without stopping. Crossing the finish line I was tired and elated!! I was so glad I had ran and was so glad it was over. Later sitting in St. James’ Park, sitting with family, enjoying the sun, knowing I had accomplished my goal was amazing.
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