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LFW Inspiration: The Design Team's Top Picks

posted on Tuesday, 18th February 2014 | find under Tamara, Fashion
The British nation is never more fashionable than during the world-renowned London Fashion Week. But while the models and devout trend-followers are glued to the catwalk, the Sweaty Betty design team decided to channel their LFW inspiration into sharing their top fitness-fashion looks for working out during this most chic of weeks.

Here, the three Sweaty Betty designers share their favourite piece from SS14, including why they love it and what they pair it with to achieve the best in both sport and style.


WORKOUT OF CHOICE: "During the winter months, I become an indoor fitness bunny and ditch my running shoes until the weather brightens up. Recently, I have been doing lots of spinning and taking part in Ballet Bootcamp, either in-store or online whenever I can."

FAVOURITE SS14 PIECE: Adagio Seamless Leggings

THE INSPIRATION: "These leggings were inspired by a visit to the Pineapple Dance Studios, where we spent time observing the ballet classes and noting what the professional dancers wore to rehearse."

SHE SAYS: "The Adagio Leggings are great for any kind of ballet or dance workout, but what I really love about them is that you can also integrate them into your everyday wardrobe. I love the two-tone effect of the pink and grey too!"

WEAR IT WITH: "I like to pair these with other items from my Sweaty Betty wardrobe, mixing across ranges. For example, I often layer a Mantra Vest or the Eleve Dance Leotard beneath my Sadhaka L/Slv Yoga Top."


WORKOUT OF CHOICE: "Anything in the gym or outside! I'm currently training to cycle just under 1,000 miles from Lands Ends to John O’Groats in the summer, so most of my weekends are filled with cycling. I also go spinning, do pilates and yoga, with occasional HIIT training squeezed in there too."

FAVOURITE SS14 PIECE: Urdhva Yoga Leggings

THE INSPIRATION: "The pattern on the Urdhva Leggings was borne from the desire to translate the craziness of extreme sports into a print, so we came up with this unique, asymmetrical design."

SHE SAYS: "I love the fact that these leggings are reversible - it means I can tailor the print to my mood, depending how wacky I'm feeling that day! The sweat-wicking fabric makes them ideal for other sports like running or cycling, and because they're fully opaque, I never have to worry about them going see-through during yoga class."

WEAR IT WITH: "I usually wear the Urdhva Leggings with the pink Shanti Yoga Bra or the Upbeat Padded Bra in a bright colour (depending on my workout)."


WORKOUT OF CHOICE: "I love running and am currently building up to a half marathon. As I am a social exerciser, I also like to do lots of different classes, with my current favourite being Cardio Pilates. Doing exercise with friends spurs me on to work harder than if I was to work out on my own!"

FAVOURITE SS14 PIECE: Compression Distance Run Tights

THE INSPIRATION: "The inspiration behind these tights was competitive sailing. Boat graphics and sail graphics inspired the string graphic colours and lines."

SHE SAYS: "These are great for running, bootcamp, the gym, dance - anything really!  I love them because I feel great in them, they give me support through the compression function (which also aids recovery) and keep me feeling secure. When designing them, I made sure the contrast colour lines were flattering on the leg, which as a former ice skater with very muscley thighs, is great for making me feel like I have super slim legs!"

WEAR IT WITH: "The matching Step Up Training Vest or the Hypo Glisten L/S Top for training outdoors. To add pops of colour, I'll often layer a couple of bras such as the orange Upbeat Padded Bra beneath a Stamina Bra in purple, to match the colours on the tights."

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