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Less than 20 days to go.....and it even hurts when I walk now......

posted on Wednesday, 14th October 2009 | find under Nutrition

Sore feet still but I think a few Nurofen tucked into my running gloves on the day (oh and thousands of New Yorkers shouting "l-o-o-k-i-n-g good" from the sidewalks - I heard this is what they do, anyway.....?!) will get me round. And the sheer enormity of the event and the small difference I might be able to make to the charity. Oh and a husband with the patience of a saint. Who has made the ultimate male sacrifice and said that yes, he will run with me (I think he said jog actually). This means he will automatically be adding an hour and a half (no less) onto his own estimated solo time. I think this is an endorsement of love. Or maybe to make sure I don't take a detour to Bergdorfs en route? Back in physio tomorrow.......... I am getting to quite enjoy the pummelling......

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