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Kings Road Guest Instructor Evening

posted on Wednesday, 28th September 2011 | find under Fitness
A famous quote by Muhammad Ali was on my mind after I participated in the Master class at Kingsroad125 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'. It made me think; if more of us were lighter on our feet, then maybe natural rhythm would come easier and recovery would not be so difficult. After putting our bodies through a high amount of impact, we must find time to relax, otherwise how can we reap the awards and feel proud of our achievements?
The Masterclass was taught by Rollo Mahon who is the founder and creator of CORENERGY. 'Corenergy is a Movement Performance Academy that promotes lean, fit, athletic, injury free and healthy bodies'.
There was no running involved in this initial session nor did we wear trainers, but we were put through a series of exercises to master the skill of running through:
  • Posture
  • Rhythm
  • Relaxation
Rollo started the class with a seated posture sequence. He showed us beneficial ways to simply sit, allowing less strain on our bodies especially our lower back. In between these postures we went back to a Cobra stretch, this break allowed us to feel the pressure relieved on our lower back after every position. If we used these in everyday life the stress on our bodies would be dramatically decreased. Rollo then asked us to challenge our bodies using a series of squats, using a bar balance across our shoulders. Hard work! We had to deal with balance, co-ordination whilst dealing with the skill of dropping down directly over the BOF (blance over foot). I reckon we are going to feel it tomorow and Rollo is going regret telling us where he lived :)
My favourite in this part was the Blind jump. We had to jump on the spot, firstly with our eyes open and then with them shut. Rollo was showing us how lighter on our feet we are when our eyes are closed, due to us awakening and using other senses instead of relying just on our eyes. I am not saying we all have to run blind folded but it is an example at how when there is less impact on the body the body is not so stressed.
The stretches allowed us to rest our bodies and give them the satisfaction they deserve. Make time to give your bodies TLC.
Next week we move into running and more performance training tips.
Looking forward to next week...
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