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Just peachy

posted on Thursday, 19th November 2009 | find under Tamara

I tried a new sport today, and thats a rare thing for me to say. I have struck a deal with my flatmate in which i take her running three evenings a week in exchange for her doing callanetics with me. Tonight was a gentle 2mile jog followed by an hour of callanetics. Its a non-impact sport. A cross between extreme stretching and pilates. My core muscles were shaking by the second exercise.  I would like to point out that i live with a pro-dancer and thus i looked even worse doing it. The video that we used (i know how very 90's of us) is from the 80's. The music is to die for as are the homage to Fonda outifts. My favourite part...? when she anounnced that the following exercise would turn my bottom from a pear into a sweet juicy peach. Ill keep you posted...

Ida on Just peachy
By Ida - 28th September 2010
love it!
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