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Jamie Palmer's scallop shell print inspiration

posted on Tuesday, 28th April 2015 | find under 

Following our Q&A with the SS15 scallop shell print designer, Jamie Palmer shares the inspiration behind the statement pattern seen in this season’s boldest Yoga Retreat pieces. Shop the look with this yoga jumpsuit, Repose yoga top, yoga pants and beach-perfect bikini set. And read on to learn how Jamie’s most popular print on Tumblr came to life… 


Sweaty Betty Scallop Shell Print

Pictured: Repose Retreat Vest, Haven Retreat Harem Pants and Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit

How did the scallop shell graphic evolve from an idea into the finished design?

It started off as a drawing in a sketchbook, fusing inspiration from seashells on the beach with the intricate patterns on Japanese fans. It’s difficult for me to relax, but I find the act of doodling to be very meditative. Like many of my patterns, the scallop shell graphic was not a design I set out to create – it was a very subconscious process.

What do you think is the defining characteristic of the print?

The whole pattern is hand drawn, so although it may look repetitive and symmetrical from a distance, you’ll see minute differences between each shell when you study it up close. 

Black and white is very prominent in your work, but you also introduce colours in a really bold way. How important is colour to your work? 

I really like working in black and white as I don’t have to think about it too much! However, I am really drawn to bold colours and enjoy taking my black and white drawings as a template and finding ways to transform them using different colour combination.

Jamie Palmer Scallop Shell Art
Photo by @penandgravy

You occasionally fuse human portraits with your prints and doodles. Are you relaying any particular message about expressing or perhaps masking human identity?

Not really. I’ve just never grown out of the habit of doodling on faces in magazines… although I like seeing other people’s reactions to them. Responses can vary from shock horror to love at first sight!

You also mix your modern, graphic doodles with antique photos. How does the past inform the present in the process of creation?

I think we always look to learn and seek inspiration from the past, and the inherent challenge for any artist is to then apply that inspiration in fresh and creative ways that are relevant to the present.

Sweaty Betty Scallop Shell Jumpsuit

If you love Jamie’s print, shop the Yoga Retreat range to incorporate it into your wardrobe for yoga practice, holiday and everyday wear.

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