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Its just around the corner now...

posted on Monday, 22nd March 2010 | find under Tamara, Nutrition

Running on Sunday was different to normal. There were a few reasons: firstly i was in a vest top (its been a while since these arms have been exposed to the public), the sun was shining...words fail me as to how nice this was, and the park was full of runners. Seriously they were everywhere. You could barely move for neon tops and spandex tights. In fact there were so many of them that i ended up doing a cheeky 6miles touring round the not so picturesque boroughs of Hackney just so that i could keep an even pace. Where were they all when i was cold and lonely at 6am in january you may ask? Well i have no answers although it did occur to me that the reason for the sudden uplift may have something to do with the impending London Marathon.

One month to go! I am not running it but i have plently of friends that are (including my amazing long distance running brother in law) and i thought i would dedicate my post to everyone working towards the 25th April. A marathon is life changing. It is certainly a challenge of your legs, heart and mind. All the training that you will have endured will be put to the test but so too will your mental strength and stamina. What tips can i offer you for the last month? Look after yourselves and your diet. Make sure that you are getting all the nutrients that you need and have sufficient glycogen stores. If you are desperate to buy new kit buy it now so that you have time to test, wash and wear it in. Make sure that your trainers are good to go...its not ideal to break new shoes in now but if you have too then get them asap. Ensure that you are tapering your training. You should have done your long runs by now and so simply tick over. I personally stop running totally 8days before the event and will do a power walk or two but i like to conserve all my muscle strength. Stick to what you know and enjoy the excitment...what you are about to enter in to will change how you view yourself for a long time. It is a sensational feeling to push your body and mind to its limits, survive... and realise what it means. This may be the last one that you run or the first of hundreds but either way you will join an elite group of people that can call themselves a marathon runner. Let the countdown to the start line begin!

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