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Q&A with modelFIT founder Vanessa Packer

posted on Monday, 3rd November 2014 | find under Fitness
When Sweaty Betty decided to pair up with a New York fitness studio, the unanimous partner of choice was modelFIT. Founded by Vanessa Packer in Spring this year, who also stays busy running online wellbeing guide bonberi.com, modelFIT has since become New York's coolest workout destination for fast and effective body sculpting classes. It's frequented by models and celebs, who love it for its innovative techniques designed to squeeze greater benefits into compact sessions. 

So as we gear up for our much-anticipated Sweaty Betty takeover at the modelFIT studios at 212 Bowery on Thursday 20 November, including a free class of your choice, complete Sweaty Betty outfit and complimentary treats and juices, we go behind the scenes with Vanessa. In a hurry? Just scroll down to the bottom for the sign-up link. 

Don’t miss your chance to try modelFIT for free. To book your free class on Thursday 20 November, go to modelFIT.com and click on the EVENTS tab for the full schedule. 

What inspired you to open the modelFIT studio?
I fell in love with the modelFIT workout techniques by exercising with my personal trainer and now business partner Justin Gelband. I felt there was a void in the fitness space for a workout like that, and there wasn’t a studio that had an aesthetic I really loved. I wanted to design a studio that felt clean, zen, and as aesthetically pleasing as the workout is physically pleasing. Being healthy and fit is about more than just drinking juice and working out – it’s a lifestyle and I feel that our studio embodies that. 

How would you define the modelFIT training philosophy?
The modelFIT Method is about being mindful. Its focused, small, slow movements are designed to lengthen and tone all the little muscles that often get overlooked. The effect is a more sculpted, tighter physique. 

Your tagline reads “It’s not model thin. It’s modelFIT.” Why is this an important message for you?
The name modelFIT refers to being the model of health and wellbeing – it’s not about having the body of a fashion model. We put an emphasis on sustainable results over a 'quick fix’ type of workout. We try to educate our clients on healthful eating habits to complement their regular exercise. 

Who is most likely to benefit from the classes you offer? Are there any specific goals you can help people achieve?
We welcome everyone to our studio. Men and women can both benefit from our style of training. We cater to mostly women, which the method works especially well for because it leans out and tones those hard to reach places. 

What is unique about ModelFit’s nutrition programme?
The holistic nutrition program is really more of a lifestyle. Like everything we do, it is built for the individual and really tailored to their needs. We try to teach our clients balance and sustainability when it comes to their nutrition and exercise, but we also value rest and stretching. When it comes to nutrition specifically, we bring in Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet as well as a host of other dietary theories. The same thing doesn’t work for everyone so we try to work with each client and find what works best for them. 

You also run online healthy lifestyle magazine bonberi – what drives you to share your wellbeing insights with others?
bonberi was created to share the world of wellness in an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful way. It’s meant to inspire, educate and share the many ways you can live a healthy life. It’s been an inspiring journey to meet so many incredible people and discover new ways we can all be healthier. The process is very educational for us – every interview we do, we learn something new.  

How do you personally enjoy keeping fit in NYC?
I live and breathe modelFIT and bonberi. Cooking from the recipes we’ve created on bonberi and working out at modelFIT daily is how I keep fit. 

If you were to give us a peak in your gym bag, what would we find?
Since I opened modelFIT, I only really work out here, so I keep a locker rather than a gym bag. In my locker there are two pairs of Nike sneakers – Air Pegasus are my favorite. There are tea tree face wipes and Tom’s deodorant, and also an extra set of workout clothes. Our changing rooms at the studio are stocked with wonderful epicuren beauty products, so I use those regularly.

Get the modelFIT look 

Chandrasana leggings, Black Athlete Workout Vest and Double Yellow Training Over Tee 

Don’t miss your chance to try modelFIT for free. To book your free class on Thursday 20 November, go to modelFIT.com and click on the EVENTS tab for the full schedule. 
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