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How do we feel about smoothies?

posted on Thursday, 11th March 2010 | find under 
Hmmm, it's a toughy!! They're good for you right, cos they are fruit all mixed up and pretty in a little bottle! Yeah and no. So this is how you have to look at it. Fruit is amazing and wonderful and all things fabulous!! But, our bodies read it as sugar, good sugar, but nevertheless sugar! Now we already know that if you eat excess sugar, good or bad, that it can be stored as fat. Eek!!! So if you are merrily sipping or indeed guzzling on a smoothie thinking about all of the goodness you're getting in, you may well be conributing to a little excess tightness in your new jeans - not good!

So what to do? If you like smoothies, then opt for ones with yoghurt in for that added protein. It will slow down that rate of absorption of all of that sugar into your blood stream...all of a sudden those jeans feel a lot nicer!! Or, just go easy on them, 2 or 3 a day is no joy to your waistline even if you are getting your 5-a-day! The best time to drink them would be post-training when your blood sugar might be a little low anyway, and it could do with a little boost! Similarly, if you're tucking into a protein-rich tuna or chicken salad, washing it down with a smoothie would be a delight!

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