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Hot yoga in Kingston

posted on Sunday, 28th March 2010 | find under 

Our community boards in store only feature classes that we have tried and tested. Jessy our Kingston assistant manager was very happy to try out a Bikram yoga class last week and here is her inspirational account:

A passage through India’

"This phrase, taken from a news paper clipping sits above an image of a man standing on his head in the Streets of India. It is mounted on wall in Mandy Frees Yoga studio.

I bet your thinking, how do these two people link or why does this paper hold such a prominent place?  

 26 years ago Mandy was visiting her Mother in ‘Los Angeles’; coming from a rather theatrical upbringing she had an intention of becoming an actress never in her mind did the prospect of becoming an influential teacher and being taught by the creator, the best, the discoverer, Mr Bikram Choudhury himself.

As well as many of you, I’m sure; I too am a culprit to the innocence of the journey of yoga. Where did it come from? Who thought to stand in a tree pose? We all take on these new ideas never really knowing the true meaning and purpose.

Our bodies are sacred and we should listen, connect and work together with them. It’s funny though how I say it but find it frustrating to put in into practice, sometimes restricting myself and almost feeling like it’s not allowed to have this kind of relationship, even though I have the desire to do so.

At the moment I am in-between, from my ballet days I nearly have the flexibility and from working on body balance I have quite a strong CORE. However theseneed to be generated together. When you set your MIND to something, it can happen.I had a 90 minute class in 100 degrees heat, completed the full yoga series of 26 postures and stretched every part of my body. A full body MOT!!! The heat really cleanses and exhilarates the system. In fact more and more people are being referred by the doctor, in order to help Scoliosis (shape curve to spine) abdominal problems, Insomnia and these are just a few!

We joked and said how we should have a day in store where we could help customers to correct their postures…’posture pit stop’ we would call it.

‘Soon I will be like McDonald’s and be on every street’, words from Bikram himself. I love his honesty and passion even though I have never met him butstill I could almost feel the intensity he brings to yoga and from the many little anecdotes Mandy mentioned throughout the class I really like this guy. Apparently it did not even faze him when he was told his nameis printed on a pair of ‘Sweaty Betty’ shorts. Why wouldn’t it be?!!

 I wish classes like this were literally on every street instead of McDonald’s, then maybe some children would not be putting bad fuel into their bodies and their postures would open up away from bending over backwards to play a computer game. I am not saying all children are like this, but if I’m honest I am worried for the future generation. Even my children ifthe day comes.

 ‘I even practice in the shower’, he says. On this note or even image I will leave you to go and find you’re nearest ‘hot yoga’ studio.

 I may seem a little over dramatic but I cannot describe how exhilarated I felt when I left Mandy’s class. It was absolutely hammering it down with rain but I felt like singing!!! And what are a few drops of water going to do to me…"

 Jessy x


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