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Hidden Treasures: Susannah Taylor's London highlights

posted on Wednesday, 19th November 2014 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
Last week Sweaty Betty talked to Vogue contributing editor and healthy eating icon Calgary Avansino about her favourite city spots. This week, Editor-in-Chief of Get The Gloss steps up to share her London insights and explain why Sweaty Betty’s current Hidden Treasures in an Urban Jungle collection resonates with her own city living experience. 

What’s your favourite run route and why?

I actually love to get out of the city when running. I live in Oxfordshire and my favourite route is from our house, down the lane, around to the next village (which takes you past a farm) and back across the fields. Sometimes I see fields full of pheasants, sometimes deer cross my path, and most recently I saw a beautiful hare.

Which is your must visit juice bar for a post workout refuel, and your favourite kind of juice/smoothie?

I love Roots and Bulbs on Marylebone High street and if I'm near I'll always pop in (their nut butter is amazing). I make my own smoothies at home for post-exercise, which usually comprise of nut milk and berries with whatever supplement powders I can find to throw in. I have a great collagen powder I think transforms your skin and I swear by Udo's Choice Oil too! 

What 3 boutiques would you love to have on your local shopping street?

Sandro, Matches and Kabiri – the amazing jewellery shop on Marylebone High street. I love jewellery almost more than clothes.

What’s your must-have piece of kit that people may be surprised to learn about?

My Reebok boxing gloves. I absolutely LOVE boxing... it’s an amazing workout. I box with my trainer Steve Mellor from Freedom2Train, and also a guy called Daza who owns Bicester Boxing Club. You need your own gloves really as it's quite stinky using someone else's! I also love my Aqua Sphere swim goggles – no others come close! 

Describe your ideal active retreat.

It would include something that pushed me out of my comfort zone, maybe learning something new. I'd like to box, swim, paddleboard and cycle. It would be somewhere hot near a beach, with amazing scenery and there would be evening massages and amazing healthy, fresh food. When can we go?

What fitness or wellbeing event is on your bucket list?

A sprint triathlon. I did two super sprints this year and am ready to step it up. There is a wellness/fitness retreat in Devon called Yeotown that sounds amazing, too. And I recently heard about a great healthy holiday called Swim Trek, where you swim from island to island around Sardinia, followed by a boat in case you need a break! 

What’s the one class that you never cancel, no matter how busy you are?

I have trained with Steve Mellor of Freedom2Train for about 2.5 years and – I’m not quite sure how I've managed this – I’ve NEVER cancelled a session. Not even when it’s snowing or I'm drowning in work. 

Who do you follow on Instagram for fitspiration?

@Kayla_Itsines, @TheBodyCoach, @yoga_girl, @amandabisk and @calgaryavansino

What do you pack for holiday to ensure you don’t lose your fitness?

My ASICS trainers, vests (always Sweaty Betty) a pair of shorts, sports bra, running socks, swim goggles and bikini (my favourite is Heidi Klein). 

What do you always have to hand for a post-workout snack?

Nuts and berries.

What websites do you have on standby for quick at-home workouts?

I don't do at-home workouts – I’d much rather get outside or go out to the gym. I use exercise as an excuse to get out and have a change of scenery, so if I had a gym at home I don’t think I’d use it! 

In next week's 'Hidden Treasures' interview: Sweaty Betty creative director Tamara Hill-Norton
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