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Get your Groove on Betties!!

posted on Wednesday, 7th October 2009 | find under 

S'up Betties!! Rumour has that a little groove in your ear is the way forward when it comes to working it. This smart dude Dr. C. I. Karageorghis, Ph.D. did a study on exactly how music moves a Betty!

First of all it narrows your attention, keeping your mind off the pain - you like!! I'm all about pain reduction strategies!! It also alters your mood, so if you're feeling a little low it will give you a boost, or indeed chill you out if you're feeling antsy. Finally it helps you to move better due to the relationship between rhythm and human movement, enhancing your lunge technique - how perfect!!

I'm loving the Noisettes at the moment for a little exercise inspiration!

What songs move you?

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Ida on Get your Groove on Betties!!
By Ida - 28th September 2010
I recommend V V Brown with Leave!
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