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Famous faces who box

posted on Wednesday, 10th February 2016 | find under Fitness
It is well documented that models and celebrities have to train like athletes to stay in shape for their chosen profession, so when a variety of Instagram feeds are taken over by famous faces showcasing impeccable hand-eye co-ordination, we take note. Working out every muscle in the body and sculpting the core, boxing-inspired workouts are having a serious moment. So as Sweaty Betty’s Get Fit 4 Free workout brings Rumble online and to boutiques across the world, we’ve rounded up the famous faces who box, and where they go to do it.

famous faces who box
Image credit: Instagram.com/gigihadid and Instagram.com/karliekloss

Boxing has fast emerged as the workout of the supermodel elite as they prepare for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Mother of two and runway regular Adriana Lima credits her toned physique to ten years of boxing with former middleweight champion Michael Olajide at Aerospace. Lima told Vogue she can be found there at least twice a week working out ‘like a professional boxer getting ready for a fight’. Mixing jump rope with punching and sparring, Lima describes the sport as her ‘passion’ and the 'reason I'm still a model at 34 after two children'.

Girl of the moment Gigi Hadid has referred to Gotham Gym in New York’s West Village on Instagram as ‘the place that makes up for my love of burgers and pasta’. Crediting trainer Rob Piela’s mixture of cardio drills, punch combinations and pad work as the secret to her toned legs, sculpted arms and abs. After securing Gigi's approval, Gotham Gym has become a firm favourite with a number of runway regulars with Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Josephine Skriver spotted there. For their less gritty approach the boutique Shadowbox has become another model haven, in fact a number of instructors at this luxe studio moonlight on the runway.

It’s not just models who take to the ring to stay fit. When preparing for her role playing boxer Frankie Dunn in the Oscar winning Million Dollar Baby, Hilary Swank worked in the gym for 6 days a week to reach fighting form. Gaining over nineteen pounds of muscle, the actress sculpted a boxer’s physique in three months and still incorporates the exercise into her weekly regime. While more recently, Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video bought boxing further into the limelight with a fierce fight scene between the singer and Karlie Kloss. 

Alongside being showcased on screen, boxing has worked its way onto the Instagram feeds of a number of famous faces, with regular punching shots appearing on our feeds at boxing hotspots KOBOX and 1Rebel. Crediting boxing with maintaining her on-stage stamina, singer Ellie Goulding regularly posts videos of herself sparring with her personal trainer, while Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently tweeted a shot of herself mid-punch.

Improving cardiovascular fitness, sculpting the figure and releasing endorphins, it is no wonder boxing is so popular with the fit and famous. Try it yourself with a free in-store Rumble class at your local boutique every Tuesday until 16 February or complete the home workout video to fit round other commitments. #GetFit4Free #SBKnockout
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