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Excuses excuses excuses

posted on Wednesday, 11th November 2009 | find under 


Having just completed a mind-expanding personal development weekend, “Breakthrough to Success” (http://www.thinkbigeducation.co.uk/), my body, mind and soul have been saturated in positive thinking. I feel totally revved (I think the expression is rocket up the posterior) and absolutely ready to kick some fabulous butt. But I’ve also become acutely aware of just how many excuses people make for not doing something (myself included) – particularly when it comes to justifying their exercise habits, or lack thereof!

Now I probably spend more time in gym environments than the average Jo, so here are just a few titbits I’ve heard in the past 24 hours:

  • My chiro says I shouldn’t …
  • I’ve just been so busy at work …
  • My boss keeps calling meetings …
  • It’s impossible to come every week …
  • I keep having client lunches …
  • I’ve had this pain in my _____ (fill in the gap) …

Then of course I caught myself today wanting to skip out on the last 5 minutes of my workout because my muscles ached!!!

What’s interesting is that these excuses aren’t exclusive to your workout, or rather, ‘your friend’s workout’ (I know you are all perfectly fit and motivated Betties who never make excuses)!  You will find them in every part of your life.

Take for example your post workout stretch. It used to drive me bonkers when people left my classes early.  No matter if I finished with a couple of minutes to spare to allow people to get back to work, or offered to clear up their equipment, the same few people were always packing up their things and skulking out of the back door (yes I do notice)!

Now, if you always find an excuse to skip the last part of your workout, where else in your life do you find excuses to skip the last little hurdle? Are you the sort of person who can’t be bothered to do that final read through of your report?  Is there always a little bit of decorating that needs finishing at home? Do you get within 2kgs of your goal weight then give up?  Do you ever truly reach the goals you have set out to achieve?

So today I didn’t let it bother me when people left early. After all, the majority who remained were those who had put in 100% energy and effort, the ones who have not only reached their goals, but who are setting new and more audacious ones.

So here’s a challenge for the week ... what’s your attitude?  Are you ready to go the full distance?  You might just surprise yourself.  And I’ll promise to complete every workout … especially the last 5 minutes.

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