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E is for End Step

posted on Friday, 22nd January 2010 | find under 

GOOD afternoon lovely Betties.  How's Fit For Free shaping up? Oh and that's me in the picture by the way - in Hawaii Cool

My Canary Wharf classes are fully booked and we've had a few new faces, which is always a pleasure.

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday catching up with the lovely Jocelyn and the ladies from Sweaty Betty, City store (who have also had full in store classes).  It's always good to be around like-minded, positive people.

Goal-setting masterclass is finally here. And we're doing it in reverse order, starting with the most important step of all ... the end step.

Whoever said (sang), "let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start" needs correcting (sorry Dame Julie - I do love you really).

Start with the end step in mind and never let it out of your head.

If you've written down your goals before (and I know you all write them down) but then forgotten about them, or even worse, acheived them but never realised it, then this is the step for you.  I can't stress enough how this one stage alone has made such a massive difference in my life.

If you don't have an end step in mind, how will you ever know if you've achieved your goal?

Here comes the magic ....

... So you've got all your goals and dreams written down, how can you make sure they really happen?

The end step is your vision of when you know your dream has come true.  So if it is a weight loss goal, you are now 9 stone; if it is a fitness goal, you've finished your first marathon; if it's a career goal, you've landed your dream job. Right? Well it's close but now it's time to get really creative.

Really put yourself into the scene of acheiving your goal.  What will you be wearing? Where will it be? Who is with you? Look for the colours. Smell the air. Feel the emotion. Use all of your senses and make it incredible real.

I'm going to share something really precious with you now Betties: I have a dream for my new business I'm starting up this year - Golf Princess. Here is my end step:

I'm standing on the edge of the fairway, on a golf course, in America. It's really sunny and you can feel the tension and excitement in the air and in the collective gasps and silence of the crowds standing all around me. I'm commentating on the final day's play in the Solheim Cup (it's like the Ryder cup but for women - so Europe vs USA team golf competition). and I'm so excited.  I'm loving every moment, truly living in the moment. And in the crowd, is my husband, with our little girl.

Wow - that was quite scary putting that out there - but that's the point.

By really visualising your end step, you'll help to fix this goal in your mind.  And in turn, help to make it happen.

And, most importantly, you'll be able to truly celebrate your success.

Good luck Betties - and let me know your dreams xx



joslynthompson on E is for End Step
By joslynthompson - 28th September 2010
The is such a wonderful vision, it sounds so amazing! So good to catch up...I have no doubt in my mind about you standing on that golf course with your husband and beautiful little girl in your sight!
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